1. Like

    Bwog needs "like" button.

  2. Anonymous  

    HOLY MOLY!!!!!!! sooooooo soooo sooooo goood guys!!! ya'll da bomb!

  3. umm  

    midterms really arent that big of a deal. seriously every year bwog tries to sensationalize a test thats like 30-40 percent of your grade max. just chill out were not first semester freshman anymore for gods sake

  4. Bwogweather  

    Win. Good editing!

  5. Anonymous  

    I'm obsessed. This is SO good!!!

  6. i'm not even gonna lie

    i loled.

  7. Anonymous  

    This is intensely awesome! My favorite episode so far! :)

  8. Anonymous

    boo what's the weather on friday?
    haha well done guys

  9. Hooah  

    And he's a lefty! Awesome.

  10. Anonymous  

    Sweet marshmellow Jesus! This brings sexy back.

  11. Anonymous

    another week, another success.

  12. Anonymous

    butler, the place to study, and be seen studying.

  13. Anonymous

    these videos really aren't that good. what was up with the whole thing where they could hear each other's thoughts? that was pointless and didn't develop at all.

  14. another winning episode  

    who was the hottie with pat?

  15. haha  

    should i really trust this weather report? they didn't study...

  16. umm  

    midterms are a joke i have gotten through 4 yrs at columbia with a near 4.0 in econ and am working for goldman sachs next year making 120K minimum and have never once crammed for midterms..just relax and you will do fine

  17. Anonymous  

    i think zak is ridiculously hot

  18. Pauline

    is a goddess. I love her so much. Great job!

  19. Anonymous  

    WOW. Bwog weather is the most entertaining two minutes of my week.

  20. dear bwog,  

    imma let you finish, but THIS DUDE had the best weather interpretation of all time:

    "we'll see highs in the upper eighties.
    and with that humidity
    it'll be
    hotter than hades."

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