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Nom Nom Nom

Inspired in part by Meatless Mondays, the folks over at NOM^3 have started a lunch subscription program called NOMdays. Now you can pay in advance for a tasty meal to be picked up on the Lerner ramps at lunchtime Monday. While pretty snazzy, this program is not the end of bold new projects for NOM^3—they still have dreams of a food truck.

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  1. Anonymous

    wow this looks amazing!

  2. i wonder

    why they think vegan is tasty?

  3. person  

    The proper term is "Om nom nom." Why would I purchase food from someone who doesn't understand proper noming etiquette?

  4. i wonder

    when they'll actually start making good food, actually.

  5. but but but  

    Mondays are when the Wafels and Dinges truck is on 113th and Bway! Don't make me choose between the two!

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