1. Certificate  

    on file at the facilities Verticle Transportation office

  2. Anonymous  

    NYU makes me feel smart.

  3. NYU

    is full retard. all the rich kids in my school that had sub-par iq's just paid the admissions office there. but they probably could have gotten in anyway...

  4. Anonymous  

    That's pretty much Altschul hall on a daily basis.

  5. I love how  

    they don't just say \oh hey maybe take the stairs.\ Instead, you're supposed to go up or down just one flight and see if the button there has been pushed. What a waste of time. Seriously, who is going to do that?

  6. Seriously  

    I don't understand why this merits a posting. NYU buildings have a lot of fucking floors, and stopping at 6,7,8, and 9 gets old fast, especially if you live on the 15th floor. This sign is just reminding students to think about others (something Columbia students rarely seem to bother with).
    And Bwog, hipster potshots are tiresome. Give it a rest. Maybe we can come up with a new joke this century?

  7. this seems smart.  

    bwog sucks.

  8. Anonymous  

    this is legitimately a good idea and makes complete sense. why are we bashing shit just cuz it's nyu? grow up

    ps my captcha is 3 dots, a curve and a line....

  9. Harmony Hunter  

    you're telling me i was at NYU?!?!?!??!!!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

  10. Wallach residents,  


  11. Anonymous

    ...this is old. like, really old.

  12. ...  

    they recently built a brand new federal building in san francisco. they had a top of the line architecture firm design it with cutting edge features. (close attention paid to natural light, a cross-wind ventilation system with automatically actuated vents for climate control in lieu of a/c, LEED platinum, blah blah blah.. the stuff architecture/industrial design wet dreams are made of) one of the features was a skip-stop elevator system where elevators only stop every 3rd floor (both to promote exercise and reduce elevator travel times). beyond the main elevator bank (which is all skip-stop), they have a freight elevator that requires swipe access and a single slow elevator that stops on every floor for ADA access.

    supposedly the wait for the ADA elevator can exceed 20 minutes at peak times.

  13. umm  

    In the real world of Manhattan, where many people live and work in tall buildings, many people do, in fact, get off on their own floor. People who are used to taking elevators their whole lives get used to stopping at all floors during rush hours.

    College is supposed to prepare you for life. It's time for the suburbanites to start dealing with the disappointments of city living. Welcome to New York.

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