Overheard: CC Suddenly Feels… Deep

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On this last crisp autumn Monday, a CC class was proceeding lazily in a Carman classroom situated directly across from Frat Row. Somebody else was presumably having a less than studious morning, because unexpectedly and suddenly the room reeked of weed.

As students snickered, rolled eyes and envied the bold toker, the instructor quick on his feet said: “I’m sorry, excuse me, but someone is smoking some major weed right now… We’re going to try and not get stoned back here.”

Then to a student in AEPi, “If that’s your frat house, maybe you want to have a word with them or something…”

Rejoice that intrepid men and women fight the War on Fun every day of the week, including midterms!

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  1. umm  

    what? this makes no sense

  2. yeah i don't know  

    why bwog is so happy. clearly, aepi's a fink.

  3. I was

    so hungry after that class

  4. Plato  

    It's like, ya know, the form of the table, man

  5. hell yeah

    smokin on a monday night is dope.

  6. i always  

    went stoned to cc. marx the class a mill-ion times better, kant get my head around all that philosophy ish otherwise. that is until i start craving a plato chicken and rice from descartes out on the street

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