Last Minute Costume Dash

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You better get out of the library and down to Ricky’s if you’re supposed to be getting a costume for tonight. The store has reached capacity, and there’s a long line out the door. If you’re desperate, you might have more luck at the temporary Halloween location on 96th.

Fun fact: there are 34 Ricky's pop-up stores in the city for Halloween.

The long lines all have made their mark. Bwog spotted this kind of silly array of beverages on the window sill:

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  1. Or you could...  

    Make your own costume! Cheaper, more creative, cheaper, no lines, and cheaper.

  2. what time  

    does Ricky's close?

  3. Anonymous  

    shame on them, that's what i say. we all saw Halloween coming for quite sometime, and I find their cavalier disregard for the holiday and, quite frankly, the rest of us disrespectful.

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