1. oh my god  

    that paranormal activity spoof was TOO GOOD. I literally laughed out loud


    this is amazing.

  3. Anonymous  

    fourrr lookooooo

  4. hahah

    Niceeee!! Made me laugh!

    & in relation to havin sex in Butler Stacks if only CU boys were that daring! LOL

  5. Anonymous  

    These videos are getting better and better! Keep it up, guys.

  6. Anonymous  

    ohhh peter, give it to ME in the stacks

  7. Anonymous

    And the paranormal activity keeps on getting better and better.....

  8. OMG


  9. Dear you guys

    I hate you guys.

  10. Anonymous  

    This is a step up from the stuff from the last couple of weeks.

    Good job.

  11. Anonymous

    you guys need to stop getting more and more amazing each week!!!!! LOVE IT! YOU're THE BEST!

  12. Anonymous  

    This was so good! Seriously impressed.

  13. Dr. Future

    Scarier then the bunny beds!! Clearly a twisted mind, struggling with existential dilemmas and too much time on their hands produced this.

    Maybe the water in Orinda was genetically engineered? Where are the zombies, where are the ghouls? What is the new horror narrative in America.

    You guys mashup of weather and horror, OMG now I get it, it s the Monster Mash!

  14. definitely  

    Bwog, why does the homepage header link to last week's episode? You're going to confuse all of your adoring BwogWeather fans!

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