Dining Plan ca. 1066

Grant D’Avino reports!

Last night’s CCSC meeting opened with introductions, as it was the first meeting that included representatives and officers from the class of 2014. Along with his or her name and position in CCSC, each person was asked to share an adjective that described him or herself at the present. Bwog’s favorites, in no particular order: dehydrated, amused, whelmed, not sad, fantabulous.

The main business of the meeting was discussion of a resolution to recommend changes to the dining plan. The proposed resolution, even once passed, will not be a mandate, and its suggestions will not necessarily be put in place. The body debated whether John Jay or Ferris Booth should remain open on weekends, with opinion strongly in favor of opening John Jay. It was suggested that John Jay provides the quintessential freshman dining hall experience, and should remain open because it is designed to hold more people than Ferris Booth and looks like Hogwarts.

Other proposals in the draft of the resolution discussed at the meeting included an option for meals to be cooked “healthy style,” a new take-out window to be implemented at JJ’s Place, and a reduction in the price of meals for people without meal plans. The fundamental problem that JJ’s cannot exist simultaneously as a hangout, a meal swipe only dining hall, and an a la carte grill was the cause of much concern among members, especially because JJ’s Place as a meal swipe only dining hall has proved more profitable than previous years’ a la carte incarnation.

As debate over each issue seemed to be intense enough to warrant a number of changes in the proposed resolution, there was no vote, and a revised resolution will be introduced at next week’s meeting. Other resolutions were tabled for the evening.

Image via Wikimedia Commons