There’s a new beta version of the Columbia home page, and it looks spiffy! So much less Columbia blue than its predecessor, so much more Bwog blue! The website was designed entirely in-house with CUIT, took many drafts and about a year and a half to finalize, and was designed to make your life easier. And it seems that it will! Navigation and search functions are much more streamlined and you’ll generally have to click around less to find what you’re looking for.

To wit: if you are a caveperson and still use your Cubmail, good news! You can log in to your email directly on the front page instead of clicking four links to get you there. And in keeping with the times, there are social media buttons for lectures on iTunes, relevant podcasts, and links to Columbia’s YouTube channel. There’s a new search tool for student organizations and an A-Z directory of University-wide departments. The events calendar is on the homepage, too. The main photo on the site is now a slideshow, with each photo linking to relevant content.

And Columbia wants your feedback. Look for a “give us your feedback” link, and if you’ve got something constructive to say (the Columbia central administration isn’t Bwog!), say it there. Happy clicking!