Bwog hops all sorts of things: lectures, dorm rooms, holidays, clubs. Now we’re hopping your professors’ offices. Send suggestions to This week, meet Richard Pious, beloved political science professor at Barnard, and make yourself comfortable in his cozy office on the fourth floor of Lehman Library. His ceiling might not be perfect, but at least it doesn’t look like a junior high school. Katheryn Thayer reports.

How much time do you spend in your office?

I prepare for class, write articles, and hold office hours. I live out of the city, so on days I teach I’m here the whole day, and on the other days I work at home.

What do you wish you did/didn’t have in your office?

I have everything I need in here, the only thing I would want to change is the ceiling.

What’s your dream office?

Wood paneling, cherry bookcases, and a big ol’ desk.

If you were a student at Columbia, where would you study?

Well I was, I went to grad school at Columbia, and I liked to study in the fourth floor reading rooms at Butler. And now it’s gotten so beautiful! It used to look like a bad junior high school.

How many books do you think you have in your office?

I never counted, too many.

Why do you have vodka/wine in your office?

I don’t drink, but occasionally, for some reason, my students bring me booze! These are from Russia. The wine is from when I finished as department chair. I prefer to keep them unopened to remember how nice it was to not be chair anymore.