Town Hall planning won't require the "Machiavellian mastermind" of a Stratego extraordinaire, but this is still a stellar board game.

It’s October 4th, the day of reckoning for Barnard girls in Greek Life. We’ll have coverage of the Town Hall tonight, but first we’ve got some inside info on sorority strategery how sororities are gearing up for the big event. An email circulating among the sisters includes “Facebook status templates” and scripted answers for FAQs.  Say someone asks: “Is it true that joining a chapter eliminates the ability to develop friendships with other students on campus?” Answer the following (a lot to memorize, perhaps), channeling your inner Dwight Schrute:

False! Sororities encourage members to become involved in activities both within and outside of the Greek community. Sorority members also form friendships with those in their classrooms, majors and outside activities. Today’s sororities include diverse, well-rounded individuals who are committed to their academics and the community. Personal development is also encouraged in areas such as athletics, student government, theater, academic societies, community service groups and leadership.

All sorority sisters across Barnard and Columbia were encouraged to wear their letters today to show support for Greek Life funding.

The Town Hall runs from 6-8 PM tonight in the Diana Event Oval. There will be free dinner. Let’s get ready to ruuuuuumble!

Update, 2 PM: Here’s some more information included in the original email about the general goals of the Barnard Greek Life  community. The two main goals are “congruency for all Barnard students involved in IGC organizations” and “acknowledgement and support for an active interest [in Greek Life] on Barnard’s campus.” Some facts about Greek Life at Barnard: there are currently 249 Barnard women involved in IGC; the Panhellenic Council has experienced massive growth since 2005; chapters have increased in size by 70%; and F@CU recently cut the IGC’s funding by 51%.

Image via Wikimedia Commons