Pinnacle to Become Something Called Uni Cafe

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It hasn’t always been easy for Pinnacle.

Today, Pinnacle’s legacy begins a new chapter: not really being Pinnacle. Shane Ferro checked in with some Pinnacle employees who told him that construction is starting this week and will take place this week and continue over winter break. The Space Formerly Known As Pinnacle is now under new management, and something called Uni Cafe will open next week.

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  1. confuzed  

    So will it be open next week or after winter break or is it open while it is under construction? Disambiguate, por favor!

  2. umm


    I love Shane ferro!

  3. ...

    THANK THE LORD. pinnacle is garbage. hopefully this new place is better.

  4. Harmony Hunter

    what the FUCK!??!??!!?!?!?!??

  5. saddest day  

    in my 4 yr columbia career......
    y even bother sticking around haha

  6. So sad  

    They came first for Floridita, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a drunkard.

    Then they came for JJ's Place, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a freshman.

    Then they came for Pinnacle, and by that time no one was left to speak up.


    this is a tragic day for the columbia community.

  8. Anonymous  

    Despite all the late night memories in Pinnacle, THANK GOD THIS PLACE IS CLOSING. so disguisting

  9. Doesn't it seem...  

    like these guys will get pwned by Starbucks

  10. what...  

    Why are so many people sad that Pinnacle is closing? It was the dirtiest, sketchiest, most disgusting place ever.

  11. Shane  

    The question that is still unknown, though...

    Will there still be $2.25 soft serve?????

  12. a little clueless

    The only two things that I ever had at Pinnacle were tea with milk and sugar and their soup. So I don't know so much about it being disgusting or not. That said, Pinnacle was the only place within Columbia's immediate vicinity on Broadway that served tea deli-style and for less than two dollars. So .. I mourn. Here's to hoping that this Uni Cafe will still have cheap, comforting tea...

    • Anonymous  

      you had their soup... sooooo you should be well versed in the disgustingnes of Pinnacle. Unless you had the soup INSTANTLY after it was put out, you probably had a nice filmy crust right on top of it. bleh.

  13. Anonymous

    Wait... is this actually going to be a new restaurant or are they just pulling a Vine on our asses?

  14. Bwepressed  

    I wish i could tell the people at pinnacle just... i guess just how hard it is to change who you are, and even more than that, to change how people perceive you.

  15. Anonymous

    but do you know where your vitamins are at 4am?

  16. Anonymous

    this place has got to be good; they spell cafe with an accent on the e.

  17. hmm?

    pinnacle is a rat motel.

    uni cafe is replacing pinnacle.

    uni cafe will be the new front for the rat motel.

  18. Anonymous

    some of the best memories of my life ...

  19. end of life as we know it  

    what will i do when i get the munchies at midnight?

  20. Anonymous  

    Pinnacle was horrid, I don't know why you guys are upset.

  21. Bagels  

    It's all about the bagels. I don't care who owns it, but I need a place in pinnacle's location that serves bagels.
    For all this talk of sketchiness and vermin, I feel like that mainly affected their pizza, which, granted, was disgusting. But their bagels never failed me, and I don't know how I'll live without my morning pinnacle bagel, timed perfectly so that I've finished it by the time I arrive at my class in Knox.
    And I can't wait until the end of winter break to get my bagels.
    Oh pinnacle, RIP. you were the pinnacle of happiness for my morning.

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