More Extraterrestrial Shenanigans

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This just in, folks—recent incidents of alien activity around campus were not isolated events.

Tipsters Candi Herschel CC ’14 and Maya Meredith CC ’14 alerted Bwog of the following phenomena:

Another startling image of a UFO flyover!

A strange, discarded alien proboscis on Broadway!

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  1. ....  

    does anyone else think this is a stupid post?

  2. Anonymous  

    i want to know wtf that ufo-looking thing is.

  3. I wouldn't . . .  

    be surprised if aliens found harmony before Mr. Harmony Hunter.

  4. mr. obvious  

    don't we all?

  5. Anonymous  

    seriously though what is that?

  6. aliens exist

    hey mom, there's something in the back room...

  7. homeless people make ufo's  

    looks like a black plastic bag floating in the air. "sooooo beautifulll"....probably from the liquor store

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