The New Science Building Has a Door

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A beautiful butterfly is emerging from its cocoon before our eyes! The not-so-cleverly-conceived and evidently donor-deficient Northwest Corner Building’s entryway can now be seen behind a white picket fence stretching across the plaza—look, it’s suburbia! In the city!

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  1. science kid  

    I wouldn't want my name on that atrocity. Not that it will be open in time for me to use it, anyway. (Nor will I ever be rich enough to have a building named for me)

    • Yeah

      it doesn't fit well at all with brick-dominated architecture of the upper campus, and it certainly doesn't fit with the classical style of the lower campus. I'm also not so sure if the added space will be put to maximally efficient academic use, or if it is even designed to be. May they make the best of it.

      • The constraints of the site,  

        ie building on the roof of the gym while keeping the basketball court column-free, made it impossible to support the weight of a brick or masonry building. Structurally, the building is a giant truss bridge, and that structure is elegantly expressed in the exterior cladding. Also, the use of a modern style allows for the transparent reading room on the first floor which opens views between the campus and the street, and promises to be a beautiful study space. The architect, Renzo Piano, is one of the world's foremost, and he has made excellent use of a challenging site . Unlike lerner hall, this is truly a work of first-class modern architecture.

  2. dudes  

    the view from the roof is awesome

  3. um

    i think it's beautiful. even though it's conspicuously non-mckim mead white

  4. ...  

    i propose it be named "the petersen center for the advancement of mankind." it has a nice view of the vag.

  5. Haha  

    Name it the Penisolgos, after the Vagelos.

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