Announcing The V117 Creative Team

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More jokes about ROLM phones...coming your way this May!

Ta-dahhhh! Your 117th Varsity Show Creative Team. See you in June, friends!

A hearty congratulations to the newest members of V117 and to the V116 retirees.

  • Director: Emily Nagel (CC ’12)–V115 Stage Manager, V116 Publicity Manager, and Writer for Xmas! 5.
  • Producer: Fiona Georgakis (CC ’13)–Assistant Prodcer for V116 and Producer for CMTS’s Urinetown
  • Producer: Martin Willner (CC ’12)–Previously produced Dirty Hands and Pillowman, CU Players President
  • Composer/Lyricist: Eli Grober (CC ’13)–Stage Manager V116, Composer Xmas! 5
  • Composer/Lyricist: Shira Laucharoen (CC ’12)–Composer Xmas! 5
  • Art Director: Antoinette Allen (CC ’12)–Artistic Department for V115 and V116
  • Writers: Nuriel Moghavem (CC ’11) and Betsy Morais (CC ’11)
  • Choreographer: Sara Miller (BC ’13)–assistant choreographer for V116, choreographer for CMTS’s A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, and a member of Raw Elementz.

Update: Choreographer Sara Miller was accidentally left off the original list.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Congrats to all! A very solid team. Can't wait to see what they come up with this year.

  2. Betsy and Nuriel  

    are both amazing writers!!!! This is gonna be an awesome show!

  3. Anonymous  

    CLAPS FOR ELI!!!!! (and the rest of the 117!! so excited for the spring!)

  4. Nice  

    mix of old and new. Best of luck to you all!

  5. Anonymous  

    congrats y'all. this is gonna be a great show!! woot v117

  6. Eli and Shira  

    Rock my world all day every day! Congrads guys!

  7. Harmony Hunter  

    Good job 2 evrybody i esxpect this is will be a good show :)

  8. does  

    posting something at 1:50 a.m. legitimize saying \Bwog never sleeps?\

  9. Anonymous

    i hope i'll be there to see their work! sounds awesome

  10. Hooah  

    Congrats, Nuriel. Well deserved.

  11. Anonymous  

    Hey Bwog, you forgot someone!

    Choreographer: Sara Miller, BC '13 - Assistant choreographer for V116

  12. Pat Blute  

    Let me tell you something about Emily Nagel. She is the nicest, most dedicated individual the Varsity Show has seen in YEARS and she will truly make this show an epic success. Congrats to the entire C-Team! I am so excited to see what you guys do!

    • does your city make TOO MUCH NOISE?!  

      haha, boy have we got the solution for you!

      haha, congrats Em!!

      (for realz. emily is one of the greatest. people. ever. this show is pretty much a guaranteed success.)

    • Anonymous  

      are you kidding me??? Yeah, she's nice. Great. But she is naively over-enthusiastic about the most mundane shit, takes stuff way too personally, and has an excruciatingly nasal voice. Again, I'll give it to her, she's a nice girl. Just don't get on her bad side -- i.e. never disagree with her. She's good to me, but I've seen her treat people with such contempt that I was actually scared for them.

  13. great team  

    Looks like a killer team with a lot of experience with the show. Nagel is going to rock it.

  14. Emily Nagel  

    is one of the most talented people on this campus, and she will rock this V-Show like no other has done before.

  15. Interesting  

    Those weren't the writers I was expecting to come out on top based on who I know was applying this year but sounds like a bang up team overall.

  16. yeah!  

    fuck yeah nuriel
    you're the man

  17. camilla the chicken  

    i'm a fan of betc

  18. i love me some  

    emily nagel.

  19. how come  

    that I never knew they recruited F that I wanna join them so much

  20. best writers ever

    makes complete sense!

  21. person  



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