1. Big Fan  

    and as soon as New Jersey came up I got excited, but kind of played it safe. Wished it had taken a few more chances. Saved by my undying love for Pat.

  2. Anonymous  

    great job with this video guys! awesome spot on with the bruce cover at the end

  3. garden state gal  

    i love this!

  4. ahhh  

    BwogWeather just keeps gettin' better!

  5. Anonymous  

    AMAZING AS ALWAYS!!!!! viva bwog weather!


    I love it when Pat fist pumps.

    Long live the dirty jerz.

  7. Anonymous

    i just love bruce

  8. lol

    guys this was funny! made my evening! Good job!

  9. Fashion Police  

    Snooki needs to be charged with indecent exposure of bad trends.

    Keep it up, Bwogweather!!!

  10. but but but

    where is kenny durrell?? I WANT ME SOME KENNY DURELL AND I WANTS IT NOW

  11. Anonymous

    I hate these guys. They probably get a lot of poon too.

  12. GREAT episode  

    More BwogWeather field trips please! Where in the tri-state area is Pat Blute?

  13. ...  

    these videos are great. they also serve to highlight the previously obscured fact that the word "bwog" actually sounds incredibly stupid when somebody actually says it.

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