Developments at Uni Cafe

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Construction at the soon-to-be Uni Cafe is well under way. Bwog peeked in last night and spotted ladders and sawdust aplenty; tipster Nick Pleasants even saw a fancy new flat screen TV being moved in. He also informs Bwog that the same owner who normally mans the counter at Pinnacle “appeared to be inside.” This seems to contradict earlier reports that new management had taken over the space. The plot thickens!

Photos by Nick Pleasants and David Fine

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  1. Anonymous

    i think u mean that asian guy. its weird because of that earlier debacle last fall, even though they said that there wud be 'new management', the same people were still inside. i'm curious what they actually mean by new management

  2. They can display...

    my nuts on that 60 inch tv.

  3. hm  

    I'm almost certain that the Asian dude told me he was the owner back during my sophomore year. Was bored one night and told him it seemed like he worked pretty hard and asked him if he owned the place...

  4. ummm  

    they need to show soccer games on that tv!

  5. that old Korean dude  

    has 2 PhDs, apparently

  6. Anonymous  

    no, it's not under a 'new management' - the owner's son has been doing kind of a apprenticeship under his father since around september (which basically consisted in him pushing the hispanic guy who does pizza out of the way in a quite disparaging manner whenever I ordered pizza) And I once asked him when in the night is the place open till and he said "2 am... next month, 24 hours!", which i guess also indicates that the renovation will be completed in november and there wouldn't be much improvement in its grossness.

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