Coat Drive This Week

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There’s a coat drive going on this week, run by the New York Presbyterian Hospital.  It’s right now, 12n-4p at the Sundial today, as well as everyday this week.  Supplementary collection bins are in EC, Furnald and John Jay.

Yesterday Bwog spotted one student donate the coat off of their back.  Congratulations anonymous do-gooder, for you are this week’s Hero of Bwog!

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  1. Anonymous  

    "Yesterday Bwog spotted one student donate the coat off of their back."

    This one student is the hero of the week, but doesn't deserve his or her own pronoun?

  2. [email protected]

    I wish I was rich enough to donate the coat off of my back.

  3. Anonymous  

    Props for generous folks and the first tag of this post. LOL.

  4. Umm

    The Coat/Toy Drive is run by Project Health, a volunteer group on campus, not NY-Presbyterian Hospital. Hence the sign that says 'Project Health'...

  5. Anonymous  

    This reminds me of the students here at Columbia who could use a used coat, or at least could never afford to donate their only winter coat. at some other colleges, first years are allotted money to buy winter clothes, especially if they are from places where it doesn't snow but here... they're off on their own.

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