1. Anonymous  

    Why did they paint the outside of the building white. It looks soooooooo bad. They should have just cleaned it. Ugh.

  2. Anonymous  

    the white looks so bad. pinnacle, your problem was not the paint job or your hilariously ironic name, it was that your pizza gave everyone the shits!

  3. Anonymous

    All I care about is being able to eat a grilled cheese ro a baked ziti pizza at any hour of the day, because of my insane programming assignments. I want it NOW!

  4. that man  

    has a big butt.

  5. is it just me  

    or does uni cafe look nowhere near ready to open? heres to hoping BANKAS AND CONSULTANTS DONT EAT THERE! MCKINSEY4LIFE.

    • or

      McKinsey for two years, at which point they will realize that you are a dumbass and fire you.

    • Just to Set it Straight  

      You probably worked one of the big I-Banks this summer, and then were depressed when you didn't get an offer. You then applied to every big bank on Wall St, only to get denied by every last one. On some rare chance of enlightenment, you happened to apply to a consulting agency. When you realized it was the only place you had a decent chance and that you were fine settling for only $65K a year instead of $90K, you decided that you could spin it to look like you actually wanted the job, and are overcompensating by spamming Bwog.

      That a good summary of your life?

      • nope  

        actually summered at BCG got a return offer but thought McKinsey was a better fit. would never ever sell my soul to work at an investment bank. They are filled with assholes and are singularly responsible for why the other 80% of the senior class is currently unemployed. nice try, though.

  6. ...  

    am i the only one who finds this depressing because it's obvious that the owners of pinnacle (ie: the nice asian man) has been completely fucked over by some slick restaurant-consultant/contractor? it will be the same thing but with prices raised to pay for the halfassed remodel, business will slump (due to price pressure) and he'll have massive loan payments to face... the whole thing makes me sad... : (

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