1. PrezBo

    Apparently CC doesn't either. "cring?"

  2. Anonymous  

    i think the pi is supposed to look like a cursive r since they obviously were not spelling out the words in greek letters (delta for a) but rather using greek letters that look like the english letters

  3. hm  

    aka apparently they study abroad but they don't study greek

  4. i'm greek  


    "seDs stmdph dbpthDd"

  5. oh...  

    STFU seriously. who cares??????

  6. Anonymous

    i'm confused. what does this have to do with mixing up pi and rho?

  7. Anonymous  

    Whoever made this clearly did not intend to write the words in Greek. This is only supposed to be a creative way to spell out the words in symbols that look like the letters. I think you guys need to lighten up.

  8. Anonymous  

    it's supposed to be mathematical symbols because it's SEAS, duh
    the integral sign is not a greek letter

  9. Two observations

    1. The tone-deaf response to what was clearly a flyer intended to be humorous suggests the commenters are SEAS kids.

    2. The needless injection of cultural relativism into what was clearly intended to be a humorous and harmless flyer suggest the commenters are CC kids.

    I am left no closer to a conclusion then when I started.

    p.s. I'm not in GS.

  10. AHamdi5

    I've tried to correct some the the signs to no avail ... it's really a shame.

  11. AHamdi5

    Σεασ Στθδυ Αβροαδ

    Would be more accurate, for the those nit picking

  12. Classicist

    This disgusts me.

  13. Anonymous  

    This whole debate is fucking stupid! They're writing english words with mathematical symbols. There is no correct way to spell an english word in greek! The poster tried to write something using non-english symbols. And it fucking worked.

  14. why is this

    about seas? especially since office of global programs appears to have made this sign--lower left hand corner...

  15. Gerry Visco

    It's obvious faux Greek is far easier than the real authentic ancient Greek. And SEAS undergrads barely have time in their over-packed requirements to even take languages, so we should all take pity on their onerous schedules.

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