It’s Alive!

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Soup and soft serve for all! More to come.

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  1. Anonymous

    this looks so trashy

  2. Anonymous  

    Is that do-it-yourself soft serve?

  3. BANKAS  

    LOVE THIS TYPE OF SHIT. bainies never will.

  4. Anonymous  

    Went there this morning... same exact food, and I don't sit and eat, so basically nothing changed for me (and many others). Biggest noticeable difference then was the new cash registers which meant that Erica wasn't able to process all that I bought in <0.003 seconds... she said she was "pissed off."

    Heard a woman in there complain to the manager rather forcefully about there being no more tables downstairs... said that she comes there with her little kids everyday, and that having to go upstairs to eat with little kids (...and stroller) will be a nuisance/impossibility, as will the ability for the elderly and disabled. I think she has a decent point there.

    Went upstairs to see difference(s), if any... The big screen TV is nice, but will probably melt, as will all of you after 5 minutes in the sauna-esque temperatures (that didn't change).

  5. Hmm

    I get the feeling that they rushed to open a little bit, and changes/improvements will gradually continue. It's clearly more makeshift now than anything else.

  6. retarded  

    The ice cream machine layout -- having them in the middle like that -- is beyond retarded. And that's not make shift -- they put plugs in the ground for their power, and they're here to stay.

    They now have five (5) cameras connected by an ethernet network monitoring every inch of that place. One of them is directed exactly at the cashier, per usual store-front norms (see duane reed...).

    Following my suggestion to the owner while they were constructing it, they blocked line-of-sight access to the window behind the isle of cash registers. This is good for deterring robbery desire. But they did it in the worst possible way -- some ugly piece of white plastic? They should put something nice there.

    The new cash registers are wired together by ethernet network as well and keep a pretty intense inventory of what's going on. It seems like they can't operate them as fast though.

    They've invested in a pretty hefty laser printer, also networked. Will they begin taking internet orders? What does this mean? Look in the corner of the store.

    There are three (3) flat screen LG televisions. One downstairs, one upstairs, and one facing outwards. None were on during the day of opening.

    The food still sucks. I tried the beef brisket on opening day, and last night I had the worst shits of my life. I'll spare you the details. Anyone got the balls to try the sushi? Not me. They've removed most of the deli meats. I guess this was the cause of the majority of the health code violations? (Leaving meat unrefridged etc.)

    Again, the ice cream/soup in the middle layout is moronic.

  7. Anonymous  

    I'm waiting for someone to bump into the unstable soup table and spill scalding hot soup everywhere...

  8. Anonymous

    Its obvious that they are making changes with a rushed opening. give it some time and things are bound to change. Stop hating.

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