1. yay  

    wow bwog, this made my sunday, like it does every week! keep up the great work :)

  2. I  

    LOVE WILMA!!!!!! She is such a sweetheart --- great feature Pat and Zak!!!!!!!!

  3. ummm  

    subliminal messaging at 1:50?!?!?1

  4. Anonymous

    This is awesome, guys!!! I look forward to it every Sunday and it keeps getting better and better :) Hugs!

  5. thanks bwog weather  

    I always liked thai food

  6. Love Wilma

    I saw her on the platform at 96th Street and she said hello to me. It had been a year since I had eaten at John Jay and not seeing her in the Dining Hall through my mind for a loop for a few seconds. But, then I realized who it was, and thought it was really sweet that she said hello.

  7. still laughing  

    the monkey in the frying pan was a stroke of genius

  8. Anonymous  

    Wilma AND Raffi?!

  9. Please take care of the sock monkey  

    YOU CAN'T DO THAT TO THE SOCK MONKEY! He's clearly the best personality on this program. Wilma wouldn't fry him in a pan.

  10. Baudonkadonk  

    Hey, everyone! Look! Pauline is internet famous!

    Love, Potluck

  11. wow  

    pauline is beautiful.

  12. Anonymous  

    mommy, i don't want to go to school tomorrow.

  13. Anonymous  

    best weather episode so far!

  14. Anonymous  

    LOVE IT!!!! wilma is the best, and so is the bwog weather team!! woot woot! keep on keeping on guys!!

  15. Raffi  

    was, is, and forever will be my life

  16. Anonymous  

    can we get a bwog weather with sir michael?

  17. Anonymous  

    um... where's the video? I can't see it!

  18. Anonymous  

    arvin and aj!! oh, so my sundays.

  19. Anonymous  

    i dont get it.

  20. awwwww  

    I miss John Jay hangover brunch

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