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The staff of the Harvard Crimson is concerned our Social Experiment will backfire, causing vicious competitive tension which will destroy any existing social cohesion at Columbia. (Harvard Crimson)

NYU’s neighbors are concerned that its plans to add an additional 3 million square feet of space in Greenwich Village are not a good thing. NYU’s president John Sexton readily defends the plans. (NY Mag)

Steadfastly refusing to acknowledge which side of the magical apartheid they fall on, over a thousand people showed up for the Quidditch World Cup this weekend.  The cup was won by the team from Middlebury College. (NY Mag)

The Feds are looking into a Four Loko ban. Connecticut Senator elect Richard Blumenthal, caught up in PotterFever, describes it as “witch’s brew”. The New York Times prints the phrase “Edward Four Loko Hands.” Good times are had all around. (NYT)

Also tickets for your opportunity to meet Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Roone on Friday are almost sold out!

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  1. fix

    your punctuation please...

  2. The Harvard Crimson  

    Makes the fatal error of assuming Columbians give a shit.

  3. I am upset  

    I went around at least 20 people yesterday and asked them "Hey give me your password" and they all told me to fuck off in some sort of way. The social experiment isn't quite working!

  4. the crimson's not wrong

    as much as this kills me to say, the crimson's not wrong here. already there are groups/teams of columbians who've made pacts with each other to share passwords. ironically, most of this is happening over facebook rather than in the real world. fatal error of this experiment? assuming that people would talk in person, rather than in terse, mutually interested conversations with facebook friends from NSOP online.

    that having been said, huck farvard.

  5. Hooah  

    First, Bwog, "it's" is a contraction for it is.

    Second, I disagree with the naysayers. I think the Social Experiment is working. Sure many people are participating online through Facebook and email. And I've received a few text messages asking for my password. But I definitely was asked the prompt yesterday by a few people who wouldn't have said anything to me otherwise. And, I don't think a res program has generated this much press in a long time. We're all talking about it, and so is the outside world. So a little bit of gain for a lot of silliness, and someone (or some charity) gaining $500 in the end...I think it's worth it.

  6. Um  

    Ice cream socials, Harvard, ice cream socials?
    Ice cream socials?

  7. Pinkberry Socials  

    I think that's a better idea.

  8. copy editor

    John Sexton. With an aitch.

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