1. wow  

    nice work sir, i like going her again

  2. alum

    Where is this? it looks like the tree is right on south lawn with Journalism and Furnald in the background?

  3. Hey Hans,  

    don't stop being awesome

  4. news flash  

    did you know Columbia has their very own version of skulls and bones? its called St. Anthony Hall (St.A’s for short). They wear black hoods for their weekly meetings in the dirt room of their basement. You must burn a plane ticket to Paris for entry – to prove how wealthy you are. more information to come.

  5. Anonymous

    Skull and Bones does not throw quasi-exclusive parties in its tomb every couple of weeks.

  6. Anonymous  

    this was actually my favourite tree on campus.

  7. hey  

    is learned foote a nacom or a sachem?

  8. he's  

    a nacom - hes been sharing that with friends. i thought it was supposed to be a secret?

  9. St.A  

    is filled with the smartest, wealthiest, most powerful, and most beautiful members of this school. its easy the most exclusive organization on campus - far more than nacom/sachem senior societies.

  10. bwog  

    thanks for these little posts about the beauty in our campus. it's ridiculous how easy it is to forget

  11. can  

    St.A's date non-St.A's?

  12. can  

    why so much hate for St.Anthony Hall on here? is every1 just jealous they didnt get tapped? these kids are going to be running our country...

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