Overheard: Freshpeople Are Dumb

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Bwog was on our way home from the Abbey (accompanied by our BwogWeather pals—thanks for the Van Gogh shots, Paul!) late the other night when we saw a group of drunk freshpeople being loud and annoying outside Westside.

Suddenly, one fresh-boy left the group and up to Koronet’s. He tried to yank the door open. It was closed. He stood back, aghast. He turned around and shouted to no one in particular: “Wait, but I thought O’Connell’s never closes!”

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  1. hahaha  

    lol, OMFG, overheard, zomg

  2. Anonymous  

    I think most of these people just pretend to be drunk as an excuse to be loud.

  3. Anonymous  

    eliza was out with the boiz again.

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