1. The Think Tank

    The trees should really put their clothes back on.

  2. Anonymous

    If this was found at Barnard, it might not be sarcastic.

  3. I'm Me

    Some loser probably printed this stupid thing out, taped it to a column, took a picture of it, and sent it to Bwog. That is how cool Columbia kids are.

  4. Bwog Baiting?

    I prefer masturbating, thanks.

  5. parody  

    It's just a parody of those notices that RAs post on their floor bulletin boards:
    "Sorry to be the bad guy here, but someone's toothbrush and toothpaste were taken from the men's bathroom last night. If they are returned, I won't have to write up a report. But if they're not returned, I may have to start searching rooms."

  6. ...

    don't make the squirrel man angry.

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