1. Aww...

    ...I thought they were gonna bang at the end of the video :(
    (the poor man's "brokeback mountain'-scenery, the deepthroating of the beer bottle, one dude "forking" the other dude's mouth)

    love "Run Fay Run" though!

  2. Anonymous

    speechless right now!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the end where you guys are just laughing!!!!!! SOO AMAZING! u are they best!!!!!!!! u made my thanksgiving!
    im thankful for you and bwogweather and sock monkey!

  3. Anonymous  

    OMG you used Sims music in your video im DYING right now you guys are so great! keep it up! i LOVE BwogWeather!

  4. Anonymous

    That really made my day

  5. Anonymous

    "what the fuck are we doing?"
    hahaha, best ever

  6. This isnt

    funny are you guys mocking the girl in upstate NY who was killed over the weekend in a park?
    Thats messed up

  7. That

    was so random, I didn't even understand what was going on. Not their best...

  8. Anonymous  

    when i awoke this morning, things were cloudy to say the least, but now, bwog weather cast a sunny forecast FOR MY SOUL!


    ...just keeps getting better

  9. Golden State

    its their year

  10. Anonymous  

    whats the name of the song playing during pauline's scene? serious question.

  11. Blackuweather forecast  

    It's gon' rain!

    (Thanks Ollie.)

  12. Anonymous

    what's the name of the one in the tan sweater? I think I know him from somewhere and I always give him that half-smile/nod that is specially designated for people you know you know but you don't know where from....It's also possible that he just looks like someone I think I know; in which case, I'm really sorry for smiling at you all the time.

    Ahh the struggles of social ineptness at Columbia (in this case, manifested by my own failings)

  13. really?  

    first time bwog weather has let me down. the circling part at the beginning made me dizzy and could be cut short.

  14. WOW  

    I love BwogWeather forever. No questions about that.
    To Bwog: I understand censuring comments, but not criticism: Others (even though I disagree with them) should be allowed not to enjoy a particular episode or detail without being censured.
    ps: thank you Bwog and BwogWeather for being awesome!

    • Eliza  (Bwog Staff)  

      Do you mean censored or censured? We haven't deleted any negative comments on this post nor have we issued any formal reprimands to anyone who commented on this post. Delighted you like BwogWeather, though, we do too!

  15. Raph Deben  

    I worship BwogWeather a little/lot more every single time I see a new episode.
    Can't wait for the next one =D!

  16. Anonymous  

    I love BwogWeather. My week doesn't start until I've had my BW fix every Sunday. Keep it up dudes and sock monkey!

  17. Anonymous  

    I feel like half the comments on all of these Bwog weather videos are posted by the friends of the people in the videos.

    The videos are funny and well made, but some of these comments are just way over the top...

  18. two cups

    one girl.

    love it!

  19. ugh  

    is this still happening? don't these people have lives?

  20. Anonymous  

    That was just ridiculous, we all know that Pauline cannot be killed.

  21. Anonymous  

    These videos make me happy.

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