This is what the Rockefeller Center treelighting will look like, only raining.

More (and even more) on George Castro- who is not in fact an employee of the University– the man indicted on charges of stealing nearly $5 million from Columbia, including the quote, “The money just appeared in my account.” (NYT/WSJ)

Two researchers at the Mailman School of Public Health find that ineffective treatments and high costs hinder the U.S. healthcare system. (NYT)

The Rockefeller Center tree-lighting ceremony is tonight. Unfortunately, it looks as though it will rain. (Rockefeller Center/WSJ)

The Federal Transit authority has requested that NJ Transit repay $271 million it was awarded for a Hudson River tunnel project that has since been cancelled. The letter sent to the Executive Director of NJ Transit politely declines to use the classic Jersey-ism, “Where’s the fuckin’ money, shithead?” (AP/WSJ)

Cathleen Black, Mayor Mike’s pick to run New York public schools, was confirmed in that position yesterday when she received a waiver from the state education commissioner. (NYT)

image via Wikimedia Commons