Finally, the movie event you’ve all been waiting for the first half of the movie event you’ve all been waiting for! (Hey, everyone’s got to make a living!) We here at Columbia have always been Potter-conscious, so how is everyone gearing up for the big day night? Head Girl Hannah Goldstein finds out:


A number of students will be dressing up tonight for the midnight opening in IMAX at AMC Loews Lincoln Square, AMC Empire (on 42nd Street), or AMC Loews 34th Street or on a normal screen at 84th Street, depending mostly on how late they purchased tickets. According to Bwog’s findings, students will be dressing as TonksDobby, and Bellatrix Lestrange; group costumes include two golden snitches and a Gryffindor seeker. There will also be countless Hogwarts schoolchildren in naughty schoolgirl costumes and/or House scarves. Columbia Hermione lives!


Sure, there’s more to college than Hogwarts references. But it’s still sort of embarrassing that Columbia is conspicuously absent from the list of 46 college Muggle Quidditch leagues worldwide. In anticipation of impending Potter pandemonium, sophomore Chloe Gogo has applied with the International Quidditch Association for a CU team and is currently scouting for potential members.


The Sci-Fi Club is (inexplicably, genre-wise) leading a low-key group outing to the movie sometime in early December. There will also be a massive flash mob-parade from Columbus Circle to the IMAX theater at Lincoln Square. But sadly, with Potterpalooza and Potty Break come and gone, it would seem that this party is about where Columbia Potter excitement ends on campus. Or maybe it’s just the concurrent timing of Urinetown, Kilmer, Macbeth, Sexhbition, and Dumpling Fest.


Columbia has been feeling suspiciously magical for some time now: already this year, Bwog has come across the entrances to Dumbledore’s officethe Room of Requirement, and Diagon Alley. But “PrezBo” himself has just added a new dimension to the Tunnels; Butler 1; Harmony; St. A’s; Roaree’s stomach; and the roofs of Low and Mudd! Which horcrux is going where? Please leave your answers in the comments, and we hope you have a very Potter Thursday evening!