Last night Sabor, Columbia’s largest Latin dance group, performed its show Inferno: Our Divine Comedy.  Before the show, the line to enter Roone was out the door and down towards the 115th street gates, and the show was packed indeed.  Inferno featured singing, dancing and spoken word, directly or indirectly revolving aroung the axis of kindness and love and service.  Proceeds from the event will fund Sabor’s annual service trip.  The show was divided into five Cantos (you know, like Lit Hum) featuring different themes such a “Kindness,” “Confusion” and “Addiction.”  In addition to traditional Latin American music, performers danced to Kanye, R. Kelly, Coldplay and musical numbers, inspiring the crowd to cheer, whoop and call out friends’ names.  The show maintained a frenetic, contagious energy throughout. Hooray, Sabor! Loads of images after the jump.

Photos by CDS