Bwog’s Special Correspondent Zoe Camp reports from last night’s SGA meeting.

Tonight’s special guest was Lisa Gamsu, Barnard’s Vice President for Administration and Capital Planning! And so ensued a lengthy conversation on all things Facilities:

  • During the construction of the Diana, the Lewis Parlor was used as a common space. With the Diana completed, the doors of Lewis remain closed. The administration is currently debating future uses of the room. One possibility – greeted with enthusiasm by the meeting’s attendees – is a reading room, complete with long tables and nice furnishings around the perimeter in a fashion akin to the reading rooms of the NYPL. But if this happens, it seems unlikely that it would be used for luncheons, parties, etc.

  • Representative for Diversity, Minori Takahashi, brought up many students’ requests for multi-faith meditation spaces and queer lounges. Gamsu responded by noting that despite the lack of space, the administration plans to continue its efforts for finding such spaces. Of course, there’s the problem of openness – Takahashi brought up the potential problems of exclusivity caused by putting the lounges in residence halls. Still, don’t lose hope – it’s in the works!
  • Many students have tried to study in the Diana’s comfy spaces – like near the cafeteria and Liz’s Place only to find the doors locked! Well, have no fear – Gamsu pledged to speak with Dining Services and Facilities and ensure that those spaces are open for students hoping to utilize those spaces during off hours.
  • Can’t live without your Camelbak? Well, good news! The administration is currently in the middle of retrofitting water stations and hopefully installing a self-service station at Liz’s Place for all your hydration needs.
  • As the winter winds get nippier, Facilities will continue to work out the kinks of the Diana’s huge doors – the ones that often require superhuman strength to open and that may occasionally bonk one in the head.
  • Clubs looking for yet another space to slap a brightly colored sheet of paperare in luck – the hallway outside of the second-floor Diana will soon become available for flyering!

While this discussion comprised most of the meeting, there were two other points of interest:

  • 51 percent of the Barnard student body has voted on whether or not to recognize Greek Life. Attention stragglers: SGA wants your vote like Hawkma wants that juicy pigeon strolling outside Uris!
  • Like chariots , javelin-throwing, and footraces? So does SGA! So much, in fact, that they moved to create a committee on possibly bringing the Greek Games – once a Barnard tradition – back to campus! SGA stressed the need to include everyone and increase campus and class pride. Stay tuned!

image via Barnard on Picasa