This beast of a cauliflower can be found at Samascotts.

It’s 11/11! Bwog hopes you wished for cauliflower and Brussels sprouts.

  • The Greenmarket welcomes the new goat cheese producer, Broadway Acres, from Pennsylvania.
  • There are purple, green and orange cauliflowers at Samascotts.
  • Starting Sunday, the Greenmarket will celebrate Grains Week to feature their superb selection of grains.
  • Pepper season is almost over, but it is still available at Stannard’s Farm.
  • Monkshood has crazy-looking Brussels sprouts that have not been cut off the branch. They also have white Japanese turnips.
  • Cayuga is now selling sunflower oil.
  • American Seafood is expected to return this week.
  • The book signing, which was postponed due to bad weather, is happening today.

Happy shopping!