The Social Experiment is over. Spec reports that roommates Sharon Wu and Abril Dozal, both CC’13, tied for the win, both accumulating 145 passwords. Ian Kwok and our friends at the Socialist Experiment came just behind them, acquiring 108 passwords. “I didn’t feel the purpose of the game was to get me to talk to other people… to me, it was just a really fun game,” Abril said.

If the Social Experiment taught Bwog anything (besides that Columbia is really easy to make fun of), it’s that the Columbia hacker community is going to run the world. The Sunday night before the Experiment started, Bwog was sent the entire list of passwords by one adept hacker. We let ResLife know, being good sports and whatever, but received no response or comment. The passwords were changed by the morning. Another hacker-friend got into the system again easily on Thursday, who then wrote this little poem for you that contained all the passwords. Hacker-friend also did some math and figured out how many people played the game each day. It dwindled! Take a look:

Columbia, resume  your lives! We’ll see you guys in the elevator. We’ll be the ones not talking.