Oren’s Now Has Swipe Cards

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Ladies and gentlemen, the future is here.  Oren’s Daily Roast, the coffee shop that is so much better than Starbucks, I mean why would you ever drink Starbucks, has entered the modern age.  Instead of their old stamp cards, they now have plastic swipe cards.

Behold.  Behold the bi-chromatic design, the name stamped boldly across the top, the simple-yet-elegant layout and the central logo we all recognize.  This is something you want in your wallet.

Now when will Oren’s start taking Flex?

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  1. java addict  

    so what do i do with my old card? are the "stamps" transferrable???

  2. privacy shmivacy  

    scan my fingerprint, please. my wallet is full.

  3. secret barista

    keep using your old cards, folks, we are still taking them.

    i imagine it will be a lot easier for everyone.

  4. HEY  


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