Magazine Preview: There’s an App for That!

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The November issue of The Blue and White will be here shortly.  Until then, enjoy selections from the issue on Bwog!


Recite Lit Hum’s lines and receive T-Pain’s rhymes (feat. Mista Ramsay & Shorty Sancho). Ballin’.

Pothole Protection

Maps protruding and raised obstructions on College Walk, including but not limited to: cracks, loose stones, divots, kids, and protesters. No need to make eye contact with last weekend’s mistake–or anyone, for that matter!

M2m on the hour

Hourly updates on supply levels of miso soup, broth temperature, and tofu content. Runs, of course, morning 2 midnight.

Translator 2.0

Input foreign tongues and receive English. In this new Editing Edition, Translator 2.0 will eliminate from speech pretentious qualifiers, allusions to Western Imperialism, and tangents about that time you felt enlightened in a Third World country.

Shut It Down

Turn neighbor noise to white noise. No more electric guitar riffs, Freddie Mercury impressions, or questionable grunts. Sleep soundly.

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