Presenting The V117 Cast and Production Team!

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The cast of the 117th Annual Varsity Show has been revealed at last! Congratulations, friends!


  • Alia Munsch (BC ‘12)
  • Andrew Wright (CC ’14)
  • Bob Vulfov (CC ’13)
  • Chris Silverberg (CC ’13)
  • Elizabeth Power (CC ’13)
  • Isaac Assor (CC ’14)
  • Naomi Roochnik (BC ’13)
  • Rachel Chavez (CC ’14)
  • Rebekah Lowin (CC ’14)
  • Sam Mickel (CC ’14)
  • Sean Walsh (SEAS ’14)
  • Victoria Pollack (BC ’12)

Production Team

  • Adrianna Aguilar (BC ’13), Asst. Choreographer
  • Amelia Lembeck (BC ’14), Stage Manager
  • Elizabeth Logan (CC ’14), Asst. Director
  • Emma Ziegellaub Eichler (CC ’14), Asst. Art Director
  • Malida Tadesse (CC ’14), Asst. Producer
  • Mark Ruddy (CC ’14), Stage Manager
  • Michael Hsu (SEAS ’12), Asst. Tech Director
  • Yuxi Wang (BC ’13), Publicity Manager

We posted the creative team last month. Check it out here

Gang's all here!

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  1. Anonymous  

    Yay Chris! Congrats!!!

  2. When Bob Vulfov  

    goes to 1020, he drinks pure talent.

  3. Adam  


    Congrats to all! Can't wait for EVERYTHING.

  4. in unrelated news  

    SIPA decided they're not fascist after all:

  5. Anonymous  

    V-show is half freshman? There are 3 juniors and no seniors. How the hell are freshman suppose to craft a show that has insight jokes if they have yet to really be on the inside?

    Do I want to sit through two hours of lit hum references? no.

  6. Ben Weiner  

    Also: Is this some kind of sports team?

  7. Bob Vulfov  

    is the greatest man alive.

  8. WHITE  

    mostly--in alignment the student body ratio or no?

    said it, do with it what you will

  9. Aw  

    no John Goodwin or Alex Hare? They were the best part of last year's!

  10. Former JJ11 Resident

    Are a lot of these people from JJ 11?

    If so, props for keeping the awesomeness of JJ11 alive.

    • Carolyn  (Bwog Staff)  

      Yep, Elizabeth Power and Chris Silverberg both lived on JJ 11 last year. I'm a little biased because I did too!

    • a little vshow-jj11 history  

      Emily Nagel, this year's director (116's publicity manager and v115's SM), lived on JJ11 in '08-'09.
      Kat Chan, props designer of 115 and 116 lived there in '08-'09.
      Meredith Kirk, choreographer of 116 lived there in '08-'09.
      Cody Haefner, producer of 116 and asst-producer of 115 lived there in '08-'09.
      Becca Lewis, producer of 115 lived there in '07-'08.
      And I'm fairly certain there were more yet, I just can't remember. If I am remembering correctly I think Jeff Schwartz, producer of 114 lived there as well?

  11. yay

    NONSEQ! So much talent in this year's show. Can't wait!

  12. awwww!!!!

    look at the 2 chicks linking arms on the far left, they look so snuggly.......this pic is great, cant wait for the show =)

  13. Turkey Day

    Chris And Bob doing the Pony Ballet. THE GODS DEMAND IT

  14. serious question  

    V117, when and where are Design Team interviews?

  15. V117 Producers  

    Design Team Interviews will be held the Second Week of Spring Semester

  16. why  

    are there no seniors

  17. Anonymous  

    Can't. Wait. For. VShow.

  18. Elizabeth Logan

    is exceptionally sexy.

  19. Anonymous

    ANDREW WRIGHT FTW. That's all.

  20. Anonymous


  21. Wait:  

    They have an Assistant Tech Director but no actual Tech Director?

  22. Harmony Hunter

    i just gave thumbs down to every single comment

  23. JJ15  

    Andrew Wright and Sam Mickel get someeeeeeeeeeee

  24. Anonymous  

    go get em boysam.

  25. person  

    What's the cast-chorus split? Or did they not do one this year?

  26. Kwanza-bot fan  

    This is gonna be effing awesome. Alia Munsch rocks!!

  27. When are we  

    getting the Ajit Pillai Varsity Show Trilogy DVD Box Set? I need me some Ajit

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