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In case you haven’t heard, some major shit went down yesterday. There was a genuinely shocked campus, there were droves of news people swarming around, and it seemed like the whole student body was a little on edge. Well, now the night behind us, we can all take a deep breath. Here are some overheards and general campus musings from yesterday.

About our own peanut gallery:

The question is, what’s the Varsity Show going to do with this?

Drug busts: the new Social Experiment:

Girl 1: Did you hear about the thing?
Girl 2: The thing?
Girl 1: You know… the thing.
Girl 2: Yeah I heard about the thing.

Guy 1: This is crazy.
Guy 2: Yeah. How can you not think about it?
Guy 1: I dunno. I’ve been thinking about it. Everyone’s thinking about it. [To a Bwogger] Have you been thinking about it?
Bwogger: Yeah, how can you not think about it?

Priorities, they’re subjective:

Wait, your biggest concern over this is if your dealer got caught??

Crime, it’s also subjective:

Drug dealing is starting to become dangerous. We should start trafficking kids or something.

Yet somehow the Gap rebranding is still worse:

“Operation Ivy League!” Hilarious! The NYPD has an elitism problem!

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  1. the bigger question  

    what will orgo night do with this?

    • definitely  

      this will probably blow over by may, and the v show might think it's too hot to touch. but our "illustrious" marching band has no such issue. i will be fucking SHOCKED if this isn't in orgo night next week.

  2. SUP  

    The new college rankings just came out--We dropped to #420

  3. Bwog faithful  

    Hey everyone, there's free pizza in the piano loun... ah, fuck it.

  4. just so you know...  

    this post is pretty tasteless. some of us have friends who were arrested. yes, we understand the consequences for breaking the law, and yes, they did so knowingly, but can you at least keep your crass comments to yourself?

    there are greater implications than just "being arrested" - futures destroyed; Columbia's reputation dented; never seeing these friends again; the mass violence they may face in prison; or the possibility of giving up information and being released, only to be murdered on the outside for snitching.

    Though one does take risks when deciding to break the law, please, think about their friends and families and how the complete lack of support or understanding from the student body creates alienation.

    • Anonymous

      If they didn't want their futures destroyed or face prison life, THEY SHOULD HAVE NEVER SOLD DRUGS IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!

      • Anonymous  

        Hear! Hear! And to the original poster: Your friends fucked up. It's not like they died in a tragic accident. If you associate yourselves with them, that's also your own CHOICE. If I were to find out that my friend was a drug dealer, I'd STOP BEING FRIENDS WITH THEM. Realize that there are those of us out here who think that such drug-dealing behavior (i.e. unethically taking direct advantage of drug-addicted users for a petty profit) is very serious, something we would not accept from our from our friends, and something we should certainly not choose to accept in the community.

    • Eliza  (Bwog Staff)  

      Totally understand your concerns, and we meant no ill will towards any of the accused students. We talked all day about what we were hearing from students and are only trying to give some perspective on how people were talking about yesterday's news and what campus felt like. We certainly don't wish to make any comment on the accused students, we just wanted to recap a bit of how campus felt yesterday. If you have any concerns, please email [email protected]

    • Anonymous

      When shit gets serious, people make jokes

    • Future destroyed

      they probably shouldn't have sold drugs then...this is not a mistake, it was a conscious decision on their part and they should have to face the music.

    • uhh

      they probably shouldn't have sold drugs then...this is not a mistake, it was a conscious decision on their part and they should have to face the music.

  5. Word  

    in solidarity with their friends and families

  6. alumnus

    Outside Columbia, the Columbia veterans and cadets raising the American flag on Low and generally making Columbia out to be a military-friendly place had done a lot of good for Columbia's civic reputation. I wonder how much this salacious drug-dealer story will negate the good press generated by Columbia's military students this year.

  7. 2pac

    Instead of a war on poverty, they got a war on drugs so the police can bother me.

  8. oh man  

    this made me sad. I feel for this kid.

  9. jesus

    literally no one in the outside world thinks about columbia. at all.

    you betray your age when you worry about how the actions of others will affect some faceless entity's opinion of you. and, weirdly enough, you indicate just how strongly you may have benefited from some serious reflection with a few of the wares these guys were peddling.

  10. Gawker  

    "Had they focused more on the Odyssey, they may have avoided the Sirens."

    "Hello, police? I'd like to report that No One is selling cocaine at the frathouse."
    ..."Then what are you calling us for?"

    Reached for comment, Stephan Vincenzo said, "Aeneid a lawyer."

  11. Anonymous  

    "where I'm from the dope boys is the rock stars
    but they can't cop cars without seein' cop cars
    I guess they want us all behind bars"
    - yeezy

  12. Anonymous  

    You realize how many bad things would have to happen to become detrimental to the Columbia name? These are 5 guys among thousands, not everyone at this school will now be stereotyped as a drug dealer.

  13. Anonymous  

    Bwog, this post was pretty pointless. I want to know more when there actually is more to know.

  14. Van Owen

    At least they don't have to worry about the high price of tuition anymore.

  15. hey  

    i like this post.
    is funny.
    although i expected our student body to have been saying some crazier things. I guess they all just posted it all on bwog's posts yesterday.
    pooh. we are a socially awkward buncha peeps after all

  16. Anonymous

    "I know things are getting tougher/when you can't get the top off the bottom of the barrel./Wide open road of my future... /It's looking fucking narrow."- Operation Ivy. Somebody in the NYPD loves 3rd wave ska.

  17. Anonymous  

    i love how the amounts of cash found in the students rooms varies from 2,000, to 5,000, and one reported 6,600. which on is it?

  18. alumnus

    TIP: Michael Wymbs bailed out today and Adam Klein's court date moved up to tomorrow, which likely means Klein has agreed to plead guilty.

  19. real  

    interested to hear Kleins punishment.

  20. BWOG  

    REPORT ON ADAM KLEINS GUILTY PLEA AND MOVE UP OF COURT DATE TO TOMORROW, THIS AGAIN IS HUGE NEWS IM SICK OF HAVING TO QUEUE YOU GUYS. Get in touch with someone at the law school and tell us what we shoudl be expecting in the way of Kleins sentencing. also, WHO is out on bail and who is still at Rickers?

    • alumnus

      You can check yourself on the NYC DOC website. Out on bail: Wymbs. Everyone else is still in custody with a 1/18 court date, except Klein, who's court date is now listed as 12/9. Also, the 4 still in custody are listed as held in MDC (Manhattan Detention Center), which is the jail beneath the Manhattan Court House, not Riker's Island.

    • I speak English, sometimes  

      1. Vocabulary
      queue = line of things or people
      cue = guiding suggestion

      2. Grammar
      Apostrophes are nice. Run-ons are not. Learn when to capitalize.

      3. Spelling

      4. New York Knowledge
      You mean to say "Rikers." Rickers is an oil company.

      5. Point of order
      Stop bitching to Bwog and go study for your exam or write your paper.

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