Operation Ivy League: The Younger and Elder Davids

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Something isn’t adding up about the case between the two Mr. Davids.

As we reported last night, Harrison David’s father, Dr. Dave David, gave an interview to the Boston Herald claiming that he was planning on coming to New York from Boston today to “take care of everything and be with my son.” Harrison David gave an interview to the Daily News in a gray jailhouse jumpsuit, claiming that he collect-called his father in Massachusetts after his arrest, only to hear a click on the other line. David told the News: “My dad told me growing up that if I ever get in trouble, he wasn’t going to help me out.” David also allegedly told the police after his arrest that his father does not pay for his tuition, and that he was selling drugs to help pay for college. David also told the News that he has not contacted his mother: “I don’t even know if I could look her in the face,” he said. Harrison David is currently the only student of the five arrested on Tuesday who has not been bailed out of prison. Bwog is waiting on comment from Dr. David.



  1. I am so glad  

    I am not in jail!

  2. tying up the ends...  

    ok, people, i am confused. can someone give me an accurate status of what's going on with these guys now? my understanding is that David (facing the most serious charges) is the only one stll being held.... everyone else is back and on campus?

    is that right? and is David being moved to Riker's or still enjoying lower Manhattan. any idea of what the conditions are like where he's being held?


  3. Crass  

    This article seems far too personal to be in good taste. Say what you will about students breaking the law but personal lives should not be open for discussion in a campus publication.

    • Eliza  (Bwog Staff)

      We're reporting on conflicting reports already published in an attempt to clarify whether Harrison David will in fact be released from prison on bail or not. We have reported when each of the other four arrested students have been bailed out and are now trying to figure out what we can tell students about Harrison David's situation. If you have any concerns, please email

      • if you  

        have any concerns, email them, not comment on bwog posts because that will make those concerns public and other people might start having the same concerns. keep disagreements and negative comments personal, and not public; only happy comments on bwog articles please!

    • Half and Half  

      I agree that this seems to be a somewhat touchy subject, and pretty confined to the family.

      That said, I don't think Bwog is out of bounds. The information that they are going off of, has not been the product of snooping or gossip, but of direct quotes from the two David men.

      I think that it's a fair story if only because the other four guys have posted, and he remains the only one still in lockdown. If they were all still sitting in a cell, this wouldn't be such a 'big deal,' because it would seem that they are all in the same boat. The uniqueness of this situation is what I think makes it a story.

    • really?  

      They gave interviews. It was their decision to talk to the press. It's not like bwog was snooping...

  4. Anonymous  

    1) His name is Dave David? What?

    2) If he had a close relationship with his son, I think that he would have made it from to New York a bit quicker.

  5. charlie_the_unicorn  

    I don't see how he hopes to beat anything. It's pretty clear he was selling drugs.

  6. Anon  

    I think his dad may have other priorities, like his weight-loss CD and his "international caregiving":

  7. Anonymous

    It's also important to remember that the staff members of campus publications are merely reporting what outside news sources are publishing based on the case in an easily accessible news feed. If Harrison David chooses to bring his personal life into the situation it is at his discretion.

    It is important that while you may not respect the lifestyle choices these young men have made, they are your fellow students and human beings, who made some unfortunate decisions and they need to return to a campus where they will not feel judged.

  8. The dad is an ass  

    also: i thought the bond was 75,000 and the bail was 50?

  9. Anonymous  

    Bwog, can you do some research on what possible ramifications these students might be facing from the Columbia administration? Is there a rule about how arrest might affect enrollment at Columbia? Could it result in expulsion? Will they be allowed to finish the semester?

    I can't help but wonder what would have happened if they had caught selling drugs by Columbia, and not NYPD? Would they be expelled and reported to NYPD?

    • Eliza  (Bwog Staff)

      A great question, and something we've been trying to figure out all week. The University has not offered any comment on the fate of the five students, noting that they are still technically accused and not yet convicted of their crimes. We'll keep you posted.

      • Anonymous  

        The University is not going to make any comment about the fate of the 5 students because doing so would violate FERPA laws. Unless they have the express consent of the students involved, they are not allowed to make comment about their status as students or anything specific about their cases.

    • no comment  

      NYPD is trumpeting that they did an investigation independent of the university and caught illustrious, elite Columbia University students selling drugs. See, the NYPD doesn't just bust poor black people for selling drugs!

      With that as the narrative, do you really expect Columbia to declare "Had we realized they were doing this, we would have put them on probation and kicked them out of housing, but never reported them to the police?" Yes, Columbia would have protected their own (if only to avoid the Daily News covers), but they can't very well come out and say that!

      • Eliza  (Bwog Staff)

        No, we don't expected Columbia to say any of that. That's not what we've been asking. We've asked what will happen to the students at Columbia IF they are convicted-- which wont be until January at the earliest, anyway-- and have received no comment.

        • Anonymous  

          thanks Eliza! I guess something to look at would be past cases of things like this. Obviously not drug rings, but what happened to students who were arrested and convicted previously at Columbia? I don't really expect the University to comment.

        • Law Student  

          How can you expect them to speculate on what will happen if they are convicted? It would be a failure of due process and any decision could be appealed and overturned based on this procedural error.

          Typically, in cases like this (arrest with pending legal actions), colleges will suspend students while the process continues - especially if the students involved pose a threat to the student body/campus community in general. But again, we won't know that because Columbia is unable to comment.

          • Correct  

            Columbia's policy is that students with a pending trial are suspended until the trial has passed, so these students will not be able to attend class or take their finals this semester. The school will not make a decision regarding the status of these guys until after their trials. If they are not expelled, they will take their finals at another time. So enough with the rumors of them being back on campus.

          • Anonymous  

            Well, right now, none of these students are in a trial... trials don't start until usually at least weeks, if not months after the original arrest. Unless the Columbia policy is to suspend students immediately after an arrest (which is not the same as being in a trial), then these students can be back on campus taking their finals.

          • Anonymous  

            Trial dates have been set for sometime in January, so until then they are suspended.

  10. this is all

    extremely sad. Whatever this young man did, he will have to deal with. Not having the support of his family, is even worse.

  11. Anonymous

    who is paying for his previously reported private lawyer?

  12. Dude

    I'm for any news story that involves someone named Doctor Dave David

  13. yeah thats a lie  

    his dad does NOT pay for his tuition, he is just covering his ass for the media. i heard this from this friends firsthand

  14. Anon

    How would Harrison have a private lawyer if his parents weren't footing the bill? Wouldn't he get a public defender otherwise? That doesn't jive either...who to believe??

    • Anonymous  

      which leads me to believe the "oh my dad isn't paying for my tuition so I sold drugs" story is completely false and Harrison probably just came up with it on a whim.

    • Anonymous  

      Well the lawyer could actually just be a conflict lawyer - a lawyer assigned to a defendant when the public defender's offce is unable to take on the defendant's case, which usually happens if the public defender's office is already representing one of the co-defendant in a multi-defendant case, though I don't know if that is the case here.

  15. yeah

    if you read his dad's interview, he sounds like a real bullshitter:

    “I’ve had a very, very close and loving relationship with all three of my sons since the day they were born”

    “Anybody who is a parent could only imagine how heart-wrenching it is to have heard such news about their own child"

    Saying "since the day they were born" and "heart-wrenching" just make it seem like he's overcompensating by using the cliched phrases you'd hear in a movie. Like he's saying what he knows he's supposed to say.

  16. what a  

    fucking joke:

    \Dr. Dave is a fitness buff, and my audiotape program Secrets To A Slimmer You has helped countless men and women achieve their weight loss goals.\ - from his website.

    I'm ashamed this turd has an MD.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. It seems a bit strange that he's a board-certified OB/GYN, but promotes himself as a cosmetic surgeon. His CV doesn't seem to show much experience as a plastic surgeon either.


      He kind of reminds me of the guy on that reality show "Doctor 90210".

  17. Impartial observer...  

    I agree with David on this one.

  18. Anonymous  

    am i the only person who feels so fucking bad for this kid?

    • I'm with you  

      I'd hate it if the relationship with any member of my family became the topic of discussion/ridicule on Bwog; especially at a time when I'm facing serious charges. Regardless of whether or not they screwed up (which in my opinion they did) I'm praying for these guys

  19. Womp  

    Don't know that I can completely believe the kid, but Dad seems like a slimeball.

  20. theories

    harrison's been saying that his dad doesn't pay for tuition for years. this wasn't something he came up with this week: ask any of his friends.

    since there's no way his dad is stupid enough to lie to the media about something that will 100% become a matter of public record during the trial, my bet is that something in the middle happened.

    maybe his father footed part of the bill and not all of it, screwing harrison over with financial aid and leaving him to come up with the rest on his own? maybe he paid for freshman year and then decided not to continue? maybe he considers paying alimony to harrison's mom paying for college?

  21. anon

    def think the dad looks awful. He seems too self-absorbed to ever care about his children. and he looks very rich. The fact that he slammed the phone on david really makes me believe hes not even paying for david's tuition. He doesnt seem to have much compassion, just looks like hes an MD to make money. Awful.

    I agree with Davids story that his dad isnt paying his tuition, as questionable as his character may be. And I also feel bad for all of them because they really just seem extremely stupid. They didnt fully understand what they were getting themselves into. Drug dealing is extremely dangerous... seasoned dealers even know better than to show their face in public when they deal and they make sure they do it in very sketch and secretive places.

    And it seems like the worst thing they ever thought could happen is being busted by Public Safety. This just serves as a huge wake-up call for them. And on some level, I dont think any of them will ever do this again, so to me it seems really unfortunate that if they are expelled from Columbia, their futures are seriously over. I know they did something bad but isnt there something called redemption? If CU suspends them, they will likely work in places like Walmart or Burger King etc for a good part of their life. So unfortunate.

    • cc'10 alum

      Before I say anything else, I would just like to clarify that I do not know any of the 5 students. My views are merely that of a sympathetic onlooker who has, just like the rest of you, made mistakes (not as grave as drug dealing) but were given second chances by others.

      Anon, you raise a very good point. Of course at this time, we do not know the academic future of these 5 students at Columbia . But I sincerely hope that they are allowed back to finish their degrees by the administration. The trauma and repercussion that they have experienced in the last few days, which will follow them for the rest of their lives, are damaging enough that I highly doubt they'll consider going down the drug dealing path again. If these kids are allowed to finish their degrees, they will probably come back more humbled, hardworking, and grateful for this second chance at their dreams than some of the commentators who have spewed hateful vitriol and outright glee at the downfall of their fellow students.

      • Anonymous

        Columbia does has a history of forgiveness. Didn't the ruggles hate crime guys enroll back in Columbia?

        Nevertheless, I don't think they'd look too kindly on drug rings operating on university property. At the very least, they get back into Columbia, but no housing, and no financial aid.

  22. me  

    He is easily the second worst Columbia father.

  23. what the fuck  

    The father is a fucking douchebag. I honestly cannot imagine any decent person just abandoning their kid like this. He's been in jail for a week, almost. If they have such a "close relationship," where the fuck is he?

  24. by the way

    all we know is that the guy is a private lawyer...but most lawyers appointed by the state are private lawyers, since there aren't enough public defenders to go around in NY. i'd bet that the guy is state-appointed, since his father wouldnt pay for a lawyer but refuse to shell out 7,500 (10% bail, check wikipedia) to a bail bondsman.

  25. curious  

    i was just joking with the \private cell\ things, guys -- come on gimme a break!

  26. MIKE WYMBS  


  27. hey

    are you the one who snitched them out? way to be a douche.

  28. bwog/eliza love  

    Obviously bwog's not one to censor comments to put them in a better light. I think she means \further concerns\ or requests for bwog to take direct action since one would assume that the comment boards are primarily for discussing the related news item.

  29. comment from daily news  

    I'm quoting:
    " I continue to be appalled and surprised at the inaccuracies in the stories and commentaries you journalists float out there concerning the five Columbia University students. Good journalism requires that you gather facts and get both sides of the story.Those who actually lived with David watched him struggle each semester as he tried to figure out how he would come up with his portion of the Columbia University tuition. Contrary to what David's father may have told The Boston Herald, David had no parental support what-so-ever. Take it from people close to David on a day to day basis, his father has simply not been there. Just as he is not there now as his son sits in a Manhattan jail (not Rikers- another erroneous fact you reported) while the other five accused are one by one, released on bail. What caring, supportive parent would allow their child to sit in jail for what will be four days as of tomorrow? In addition, David's frat brothers were not involved in peddling other drugs as you state. His Frat is actually known on campus as the "nerdy frat" a bunch of intellectuals who have come together because they are NOT jocks and heavy party-ers. They are known as having the highest GPA on campus (you do know what a GPA is,correct?) Additionally,David's frat brothers found out about his activities with the rest of the world ( that is,aside from the ones who actually lived in the frat house and therefore found out a few hours before the public as they were traumatized by the police breaking down the front door at six in the morning).. True, two of the five students incarcerated were also members of frats, but, (check your facts) they were in completely different fraternities which have no affiliation what so ever with David's. Even your tuition figures are inaccurate. Columbia tuition (take it form someone who pays it) is not $55,000. Again, check your facts. So, while you may think your commentary is witty and cute, it is not only incorrect, but irresponsible. It is simply bad journalism and serves to add to the sensationalism surrounding this story. These are real kids who you are talking about. You know nothing about them and clearly, you have not taken the time to learn about who they really are. You are like every other sleazy journalist out there, trying to lecture and appear cleaver. But for those who are closer to the story and know the truth, you are just another unethical, superficial journalist who is simply going for the cheap take on the story. No real investigative journalism was involved at all in your story. You clearly did not do your homework. Shame on you."

    • ...

      Three cheers for the comment. That article, excuse me "blog post" so the author can shirk their responsibility to the public, was sleazeball tar-and-feather "journalism" at its worst.

      Clearly we don't know everything about David's situation, from either side. Let's not jump to conclusions like this idiot reporter.

    • Anonymous  

      Great comment. I wanted to make sure she had read it too, so I emailed it to her. The erroneous media coverage really frustrates me. The situation already sucks, no need to make it worse.

    • Anonymous

      Harrison is in jail because he deserves to be there. I know Harrison REALLY well and you don't which is why you're re-posting a rather ignorant post from another blog. Harrison is a liar and a brat and there are other kids FAR MORE deserving of a Columbia University education. Harrison deserves to be behind bars until he straightens himself out. He's been messed up for a long time and his family and closest friends know it.

    • Anon  

      God Bless America.

  30. Cc11

    Actually I feel that his father might be doing the right thing as a father. He's making him suffer for what he did to teach him a lesson. On a different note, the reason his kid is so f'ed up in life could be due to his poor parenting.. Think about it.. You're a successful plastic surgeon, you're on tv and all.. Will you really give a shit about your family? He was probably banging whores through all 20 years of harrison's life.

  31. To Be Fair  

    If I was arrested on drug charges my parents would let me sit in jail. They have always told me they have a zero tolerance policy on drugs. The father has every right to let his son sit there and think about his actions.

    • A difference, though

      While I personally think any parent, especially one who has made clear in advance a no-tolerance regarding drugs policy, might be teaching their child a completely fair (though incredibly, incredibly harsh) lesson by choosing not to bail their child out of prison in order to "teach them," Harrison's father is not saying that that's what he's doing. Given the media reporting, if "Dr. Dave David" was to say "Yes, I am teaching my son a lesson for his actions, many of which are felonies" the papers would probably go hip-hip-hooray, and paint him as some sort of latter day saint, for doing "good" parenting.

      As he, instead, passively accusing his son of lying. This, coupled with the fact that a man of his means has taken at least three days to take what is a 1 hour plane ride or 5 hour car ride to New York, to bail his son out of prison in one of the worst places in this country to be in prison, seems to point to him in fact being, not only a bad and unloving father, but also a liar concerned with his reputation over his own son's safety and possible future.

  32. Anonymous  

    It's odd how much trash talking of Harrison's dad is now out there in the ether...Next time Dave David googles himself, maybe he'll be slammed by all these unexpected Bwog comments...kind of funny to think about...

  33. Lets be real  

    If these kids were black high schoolers from Harlem we wouldn't give a damn. their arrest would garner no media attention and they would probably be in prison for life.

    • Anonymous  

      You have a legitimate point, except that the reason we're talking about these guys is that they go to our school. Also, you don't get life for drug dealing. However, there is definitely a racial disparity in the way drug laws are enforced. And in societal expectation for reasonable behavior from a given socioeconomic class.
      By the same token, it is worth being said that you're right-- the media and the NYPD certainly would not have pounced on this story with the same glee had it concerned black teenagers in Harlem.

  34. Anonymous

    Make no mistake: I'm not condoning drug dealing. However, our society also needs to prioritize the harms which it addresses. It makes little sense to address one harm and not do enough to address even greater harms.

    To be specific, on American college campuses, sexual assault is a much greater harm than drugs. Sexual assault on campus does severe psychological and physical harm to young women. And it's rampant on campuses across the USA.

    While sexual assault exists everywhere, probably including Columbia, I'd be shocked if the problem isn't much worse at most other universities where most students live on campus. I am not affiliated with, nor have I ever been affiliated with, either Columbia University in the City of New York or Barnard College. Despite this, I've met a few dozen Columbia students and am frequently in Morningside Heights. My outsider's view is that Columbia and Barnard have a pleasantly civilized and sophisticated culture. Unfortunately, most colleges and universities, private and public alike, aren't like Columbia and Barnard. I attended a public university which is generally considered to be among the top 100 universities in the USA. I'll never forget the time another student at that university was talking about "conquer rooms". He was clearly bragging.

    The problem with violence in general on college campuses is far worse than most people realize, especially if they're fortunate to attend schools like Columbia or Barnard. Shockingly, " campuses and the communities around them are among the most dangerous places in America, rivaling inner cities in the number of crimes committed per acre." (Brandon, Craig. The Five-Year Party, pp. 79-80. Dallas: BenBella Books, Inc., 2010.)

    If society is willing to address the harms of drug dealing on campus, it should also address the scourge of sexual assault on campus.

  35. Anonymous

    As I sit here and write this, I’m not quite sure what to say. What I will admit up front is that I am a close friend of the David family, including Dr. Dave David and his son Harrison. I have witnessed first-hand how much love Dave has for his son—how much he has sacrificed for his kids and how much he has always tried to instill in them the values that we’d all like for our children to have—love, patience, honesty, perseverance, and respect for others, among many other things. I also know Harrison. I’ve seen him through his proudest moments and now through what I believe are some of his darkest days. So, the only thing that I can say is that I am deeply sorry.
    I am sorry for Harrison who has no idea of how much trouble he is in or how much pain he has caused his family, friends, and Columbia University. I am also sorry that a dark cloud now hangs over the dreams that he once had, which will probably never be in his reach again. Whether he is guilty or not, I am sorry that his life will forever be marred by this unfortunate series of events—rightly or wrongly.
    I am sorry for Dave, who is a wonderful man who has devoted every ounce of his soul and being to raising his children, including Harrison. This is no “dead-beat dad”. So, I am sorry that he is being painted in that light and that the events of this week may affect his practice, which is something he has worked so incredibly hard for and is the same one that he uses to support his other children who are very good kids.
    Lastly, I am sorry for our need as a society to turn this matter into a parody but especially sorry that we have turned it into an issue of race and class. Unfortunately, I have been reading the headlines and blogs this past week. I only wish you all knew what I knew about Harrison, his father, and the rest of the family. But, then again, it may not matter because we seem to enjoy taking pleasure in other people’s pain. The way I see it, we are all damned if we do or damned if we don’t. If our kids are provided with opportunities to attend prestigious schools then we call them “elitists”. If they are not, then we are “deadbeats”. If our kids do well, then they are “privileged”. If they don’t do well, then they are “losers”. I am sorry that passing judgment is so embedded within our culture, but I am especially sorry that we have no shame in this behavior. To Dave and the family—I will pray for you and I am here for you because I know that if the tables were turned you would do the same for each one of us.

    • confused  

      dave david is that you?

    • To Anonymous  

      Dear Anonymous-

      Your post sounds heartfelt. Who are you to say this kid cannot still reach his dreams.

      People triumph over insurmountable hurdles if they have the willingness.

      Whether he does or not is questionable, but you certainly don't help by writing the guy will never reach his dreams.

      He's down and the system will do what it does. Why don't you let that happen and save the heartfelt blogs for sympathy cards.

      Or better yet, if the kid does time, send him a package and some money once in blue.

      That's a testament of care and compassion, not your whining on here.

  36. OMG.

    So this whole thing is a daddy-pay-attention-to-me stunt?

    • Anonymous

      Or..."It doesn't matter how much Daddy gives me, I still blame it all on him"...and "Daddy has given me MANY chances but I've blown all of them. So, I'm going to try to make him look bad so I don't have to accept responsibility for my bad behavior." THIS is the truth people. Wake up and stop siding with a liar. If you do, then you've let him fool you like he's fooled everyone else numerous times, including his family. Next time you see Harrison, ask him what he did with all of the money that his dad gave him for college?

      • anonymous  

        I'm sorry, how do you know that Harrison's a liar? because speculation doesn't equal truth...

        • Anonymous

          The people making comments in this blog are probably a) Columbia students, b) Harrison's friends and/or c) Harrison's customers. If that is the case, perhaps you should raise his bail/bond yourselves especially since you think he is the victim in all of this and his father is the perpetrator. Or, perhaps you should stop wasting your time and your parents' money and go study for finals...that way you can devote yourselves to something "good" and continue to justify your self-righteous and entitled attitudes by making your parents proud....because, after all, isn't it all about proving that you're better and more entitled for success than everyone else? I'm not worried...all of you who are protecting and defending him will also learn a lesson someday about "hard work, respect, and giving back" rather than feeling sorry for someone who really doesn't need your sympathy.

  37. ....  

    This really scares me:

    He said the fraternities sell primarily to freshmen and casual users, using a single disposable cell phone with all the customers’ information stored on it.
    "AEP [Alpha Epsilon Pi] is the first phone number that any freshman at Columbia is going to get,” he said, adding that AEP was known for its door-to-door delivery service in the dorms, selling “cubes” of marijuana. These usually came in sizes between 2.8 grams and 3.5 grams and sold for $50 to $60 apiece. Unless you bought on Mondays, the frat’s re-up day, when you got a $15 discount. (The local AEP chapter president did not respond to a request for comment).


  38. anonymous  

    Guys, all their parents need to do is make a hefty donation to the University and all of this will be past tense. Didn't George Bush do that when he cheated at Harvard or something?

  39. Anonymous  

    “I don’t even know if I could look her in the face”

    That is unspeakably sad. :'(

  40. Gimmeabreak

    Just remember...a drug "sale" takes two players--A buyer and a seller. This means that each one of you who bought from Harrison and the four others is equally guilty. Keep looking over your shoulder because I'm sure they're coming for you next.

  41. anon

    sooo...if dr. david was supposed to come to nyc yesterday to take care of everything why isnt harrison out yet?

  42. Anonymous

    watch lock-up rikers island on youtube. shit is crazy

  43. friend  

    i miss you, harrison

  44. anonymous

    i'm sure his father was paying the tuition and harrison just wanted extra income to cover his on campus expenses. either way he sounds like a bit of an asshole son and i only hope that this experience teaches him something rather than driving him further down a path of bad behavior

  45. Anonymous

    It's not that easy especially when someone's being charged with a Class A felony. Harrison will be out soon enough.

  46. alumnus

    Harrison is still in custody in the Tombs and the lawyer listed as his defense counsel is a 18B, not privately hired.

  47. Anonymous

    Is he still in jail??

  48. Barney Mosby

    its ridiculous to say \only happy post in the comments section.\ its our right to publicly question this sites reports. while i don't disagree with your posting this update (simply because it places doubt on Dave David's statements) i dont think its right for you guys to try to censor commentators' thoughts.

  49. the younger david  

    is one of the small handful of davis scholars in the columbia university scholars program. being part of this program means you get a larger grants component (instead of loans) in your financial aid package, if you applied for financial aid before being admitted. so it's not entirely impossible that older david doesnt pay for tuition

  50. MYOB

    thinks its none of anyone's business who pays for the younger David's tuition and thinks that everyone should worry about their own financial issues not his.

  51. friend  

    i am disgusted that this wonderful person is still locked behind bars. i absolutely despise the NYPD.

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