Bwoglines: Santa Sheep Edition

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… (Gothamist)

NPR suggests you listen to annoying Christmas music.

Richard Nixon wasn’t racist or anti-Semitic…. oh, wait. (NYT)

A man got trapped between a train and the platform at Union Square. Scary! (New York Post)

Update, 2:04 PM: Mark Madoff, son of Bernie Madoff, committed suicide this morning. (NYT)

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  1. The man is dead.

    how about Ghengis Khan? I'm sure he was racist. Umm Fredrick Douglas probably hated white people. I mean reporters like these should just fucking stop writing.

    • Perspective  

      While I'm not sure what relevance Richard Nixon has today, I can point to why that article is in the New York Times Politics Section. Don't be fooled by the title, racism is just a catchphrase to draw attention to the real argument, which is that Nixon was an anti-Semite (if you don't believe me, read the conclusion). Of course, the article isn't really aimed at historians or nostalgic boomers--it's really aimed at the tensions between American Jews and Israeli Jews. Call it jewish political kitsch, if you will

    • uhhh  

      know your history before you open your mouth (open your laptop?) and make an ass out of yourself. frederick douglass was one of the foremost advocates of women's rights and suffrage--for both black and white women. he most definitely did not hate white people

      • That is an interesting view

        I did not know you knew Fredrick Douglas personally, jack ass. Plus, I said that he PROBABLY did. FYI, when you're about to bash someone, make sure you have a good point.

        • simple  

          Could you be any stupider? Frederick Douglass has been criticized for being TOO accommodating to white elites. It was W.E.B. DuBois who was much more hostile to the white ruling class. Saying Douglass "probably hated white people" would be like saying "Martin Luther King supported violence against white people and he was probably a Black Panther." it's just absurd if you know any history.

  2. That's great  

    I can Wikipedia Semites too. Except the Jews you are referring to only recently occupied that part of the middle east, so it doesn't really make them any more semetic than the people that inhabited that region right before western imperialism, the foundation of the Israel state, etc.

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