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It’s been a crazy week. Since Sunday, a whopping 312,852 visitors have clicked on Bwog. (Remember when our biggest news was a casting call for a Jay-Z look-a-like?) So you might be asking yourself how you can get involved in such a thrilling, savvy and treat-loving weblog? Huzzah! Bwog is looking for new Daily Editors to join us next semester.

From the folks who brought you 'freshpeople'

The role of a Daily is to curate the morning’s headlines, compile features, traipse around campus sniffing out posts, and take pictures. It’s sort of like truffle-hunting. The perks: fulfill your love for people-watching and procrastination.

But it’s finals you say? You’re on Bwog anyway. Please send the following application to [email protected] by midnight TONIGHT!

About Bwog

  1. Omg you totally have a crush on Bwog! Confess your love in a letter.
  2. Name one Bwog post you liked and one you didn’t like. Briefly explain.
  3. What’s your favorite Bwog tag?
  4. Draw Bwog. Seriously!

About You

  1. Dream up a Bwog post of your choice. A mock free food alert, feature idea—anything you like. Please include a picture.
  2. Areas of Columbia life you’re interested in writing about (student government, city, arts, PrezBo’s twitter, sports, food, etc.)
  3. Anything else you want to tell us about yourself?
  4. Being a Daily Editor is a big deal! You need to prepare posts the night before, and be constantly available on your day to investigate, interview, take pictures, Gchat, and generally make sure things run smoothly. Which day(s) of the week would you be able to commit to Bwog, in addition to our Sunday meeting?

Too much work? We’d love to have you as a contributor to pitch story ideas and cover events. Keep an eye out for our Official First Meeting Announcement at the start of next semester!

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  1. Anonymous

  2. gnight guys  

    i'm going to sleep. Anyone want anything before i go to bed?

  3. Anonymous  


    Poor survey design... there is no choice for apathetic about Open Housing... I bet that there are a lot of people for whom this will never have any direct effect and aren't particularly concerned with it either way.

    Also, can I apply to be your statistical consultant? Put me on the masthead?!?!

  4. anonymous  

    are we suppsed to answer all the questions listed, or one from each section?

  5. editor  

    *PROfess your love in a letter.

    • Carolyn  (Bwog Staff)

      We've got enough professors at this school! We're looking for secret confessions, my friend... But we're also looking for editors, so if you're into that, come join our team too!

      • viewer  

        If we'd like to work with you as an editor should we just look out for the meeting next semester?

      • usage master!  

        from the Apple computer dictionary:

        1) admit or state that one has committed a crime or is at fault in some way : [with clause ] he confessed that he had attacked the old man | [ intrans. ] he wants to confess to Caroline's murder [with direct speech ] : “I damaged your car,” she confessed | [ trans. ] once apprehended, they would confess their guilt.
        2) admit or acknowledge something reluctantly, typically because one feels slightly ashamed or embarrassed : [with clause ] I must confess that I was slightly surprised | [ intrans. ] he confessed to a lifelong passion for food | [with direct speech ] “I needed to see you, too,” he confessed.
        3) [ trans. ] declare (one's religious faith) : 150 people confessed faith in Christ.
        4) declare one's sins formally to a priest : [ trans. ] I could not confess all my sins to the priest | [ intrans. ] he gave himself up after confessing to a priest.
        4) [ trans. ] (of a priest) hear the confession of (someone) in such a way : St. Ambrose would weep bitter tears when confessing a sinner.

        so you are incorrect. the definition you are citing—i.e., 2)—is not used transitively. you confess guilt. or you confess to being in love. or you confess, "i am in love with Bwog." but you profess love.

    • punnyman  

      And now we have a professor at this school making secret confessions about his love!

  6. Harmony Hunter

    i hav ben wonting gto appleie butt i kant (lhaha cc)) findd da applikashion. halp me wear r uo harmione.

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