1. courseworks

    can my professor see what files i download from courseworks?

  2. Anonymous  

    This is why I go to this school!

  3. This is  

    why I hate this school

  4. They All  

    be hating on the Giants

  5. I'm Me

    I don't blame them, the New York Times never writes about Mixed Martial Arts anyway and no other sport is worth reading about.

  6. Anonymous  

    I've had a professor tell my class that he can check to see if people are downloading the readings from courseworks....a bit creepy if it is true

  7. studying for a stats final...  

    How do you think bwog's comment algorithm works?

    They should probably employ some statistical influence to decide how to make the comment grey...

    Null hypotheses: the true population percentage of readers who dislike this comment is 50 % or say 75% to allow more free speech

    Alternative hypothesis: the true population percentage is greater than 75%

    Then as n goes up, the p value goes down and at a certain point when you reach an alpha level of say.05 you can conclude yes, less than 25% percent of the population likes this comment, we should make it grey.

    What do you use, bowg? I think I read about it a while ago. I'd offer to program this system for you.

  8. That  

    'only at columbia' is so appropriate right now and should be immediately put into further use.

  9. Bro  

    You gotta chill man. Seriously, chill. Come over and we'll crack a few Nattys and play lax or something.

  10. ESPN Addict  

    This is why this school is so lame. If anyone wants to watch the NFL all day with me tomorrow (as all American males should every Sunday) send me an email.

    • Anonymous  

      correction all american people. don't get it twisted.

      • ESPN Addict  

        Agreed. To the people who voted my previous comment down, I reiterate the message posted above, "I’ll go back to livestreaming games... while you write poems and smoke cigarettes" and be completely ignorant of everything that's culturally significant in America. Have fun watching Gossip Girl, guys.

    • Ghost of William F Buckley Jr  

      Some men prefer more refined pursuits than sitting on a couch, drinking beer, and watching other men throw around a piece of animal skin. If a man doesn't watch football it does not mean he will sit around writing sappy poetry and watching episodes of gossip girl.

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