Bwoglines: Final Opposition to Manhattanville Denied Supreme Court Hearing

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The Supreme Court has spoken

This morning, the Supreme Court denied a writ of certiorari to Tuck-It-Away and the Singhs, the last parties opposing the Manhattanville expansion scheme, meaning that they will not be considering the case (official court order list from 12/13 here). This formally ends any possible legal opposition to New York State’s use of eminent domain, and that construction will proceed on the new campus. The Blue & White interviewed Nick Sprayregen, owner of Tuck-It-Away, over the summer, while he was in the process of appealing to the Supreme Court. He said then that he thought his building would be demolished within a year of the court’s decision. (Spec)

In other news from the Expansion Bureau, Wal-Mart’s third attempt to make a move into New York City has been delayed until January, when a room large enough can be found to accommodate all the local business owners who want a say in the decision. (NYTimes)

Forget WikiLeaks, Gawker was hacked yesterday. (Gothamist)

Really! WikiLeaks is soon to be supplanted by Openleaks, a site designed by Julian Assange’s second-in-command. (BBC)

Regarding a different kind of storytelling, Tovah Klein, the head of Barnard’s Center for Toddler Development argues that story time is for fun, not for impressing your friends at dinner parties with your baby’s mad reading skills. In Defense of Kids! (Huffington Post)

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  1. clarence thomas

    must not be having a good day right now, i bet he'd love a swing at columbia

  2. curious  

    this is not really going off topic, since this page seems to be dedicated to various happenings about and around, right?

    but does anyone know is Harrison David got bailed out? did he spend the weekend in jail?


  3. Yo Bwog  

    there are alot of vans outside frat row, whats going on?

  4. Also  

    any word on David David? wasnt he supposed to come to New York and "be there for his son"?

  5. yes  

    Is Harrison David still in jail? If you are his friend, please let us know about the situation - are his parents refusing to bail him out after blatantly lieing to the media? I am starting to believe that his dad really was not paying his tuiton. If he is still in there, we really need to come together as a community and pitch in a dollar or two and get Harrison out of jail because this is getting ridiculous. His own family is not even there for him it is clear that he has NOBODY in his corner. How would you feel? Please lets do something.

    • curiouser  

      totally agree with you, but, really is there anyone who has verifiable up-to-date information? i check the web site that the helpful Bwog-person posted, and it appears he has not been released. but is there anyone here actually in contact with him and can tell us for sure?

      if he is still in there, it has been wayyyy too long and no matter what charges are pending, he needs to be back out in the air!

    • Anonymous  

      Have you considered that his parents might not have $75,000 lying around to bail him out?

  6. YO  

    why are nbc, cnn, and ny1 news trucks all outside lerner????

  7. Chill  

    we could use all the good press we can get right now

  8. Anonymous  

    Thank God. Manhattanville has been slowed down enough. All those hippies who think there is any point in stopping the organic growth of a academic center in a city which is nothing short of lacking in space is merely a fool who has nothing better to fight for.

    Instead of dressing up in gov't housing buildings and chanting stupid shit outside 116th gates, why don't you play a part in assisting in making the transition period as easy as possible for the people you are advocating for? Reactivity vs. proactivity. You decide.

    • Anonymous  

      I thought the point of the protest was not to try and stop Manhattanville but more to draw attention to the hypocrisy in the new "Columbia University: Neighbors Helping Neighbors" sign hanging over the gates...

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