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Like this sign, last night's CCSC meeting featured gifts as well as other things.

Bwog is your exclusive source for CCSC Secret Santa news. Grant D’Avino reports from last night’s festivities.

Not much official business took place at CCSC last night. In the words of Learned Foote, “We have one resolution, and then we have pie.”

The council began with a brief discussion of the resolution to install publication racks in Lerner. Concerns were raised about oversight, and about the fact that publications might shove recent copies of their magazine, journal, or other pieces of paper in front of those of other publications. “We could paint the racks blue and white,” one council member suggested, hoping to bring some Columbia spirit to the hypothetical shelving units. “That might be partial to The Blue and White,” responded another. So much for that. The council eventually voted in support of the resolution.

Then Secret Santa (and pie)! Senator Alex Frouman was a little surprised to find that everyone would learn who their “Secret Santa” was. “I’m Jewish, I don’t do this shit,” he said. “I feel like it should be called temporarily Secret Santa.” Gifts included a copy of Love Actually, multiple hats, a penguin shaped lunchbox, various “survival kits,” at least three different bottles of vodka, a pair of socks, and “maple products.”

Kenny Durell got his Secret Gift Receiver a pair of Four Lokos, one of which perfectly matched Sean Udell’s purple shirt. “I was trying to make a commentary,” he said of the gift. Durell also confirmed that, as of yesterday evening, CrackDel was stocked with “at least a hundred cases” of Four Loko.

Ryan Mandelbaum gave his Secret Gift Receiver a “Ryan Mandelbaum Sweater.” Ryan Mandelbaum sweaters are generally multicolored and heavily patterned. This sweater was no exception.

Two council members who had forgotten to register for Secret Santa gave each other an imaginary yearlong subscription to Netflix and an imaginary Knicks ticket, respectively. Everyone else was extremely impressed with these gifts until they learned that the gifts did not actually exist.

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  1. secret admirer.  

    alex frouman... so dreamyy.

    recaptcha: residents Didear

  2. HUH  

    why are there searchlights in the sky??? is it the nazis or commies who are coming for us?

  3. Anonymous  

    Alex Frouman is da best

  4. CCSC member  

    best meeting.

  5. Any Freshmen

    looking to get rid of meals? I'm hungry.

  6. Yo Bwog

    Snowball fight tonight. Who's in?

  7. moving out...  

    where the f did i put my ROLM phone?!?!?! Why do they even give us these things?!?!?! It's like, welcome to Columbia housing, please hide this phone and then try to find it again in 4-8 months. I'm convinced it's just a ploy to make money from all the ones that get lost. Well, you and the little mermaid can go f yourselves!


  8. Panagiota Daskalopoulous  

    Ordinary Differential Equations:
    (talking about our final): At University of Chicago, we had to have oral exams-we picked 3 professors to give us our finals, but they didn't have to ask about just the subject they taught, they could ask you anything, so you had to know, like, ALL, know how when some people have experienced pain they want to inflict it on others...?

  9. uh  

    what's with the searchlights? investigate plzzzzz



  11. p.s.  

    The lights are from the Apollo...why didn't you think of that!

  12. wait

    why do i care what the council got each other for secret santa?

    ...o that's right -- because i don't want to write this freaking paper

  13. Bwog, where are you?  

    How am I supposed to know that it's snowing if you're not there to tell me?

  14. the anti-tip

    the cynic in me wants to joke, but the procrastinator in me wants to get sucked in/hopes someone finds my butler bag-lady chic and frazzled demeanor endearing. still, my pride stops me from making a columbia page. someone?

  15. ...  

    and the sleep-deprivation in me failed to notice columbia has a page. populated by freshmen. i'll retreat back to my corner now.

  16. Alex Frouman  

    for President of the Senate!

  17. i still don't get  

    why anyone cares what ccsc gave each other? like, really? fine the resolution bit has some value, but who cares about secret santa? i can do that my suite and i ain't seen noone try and document that!

  18. I want  

    a Ryan Mandelbaum sweater too!

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