Just Can’t Get Enough: University Increasing Fundraising Goal to $5 Billion

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Good news bears! The University expects to raise its original goal, announced in September 2006, of $4 billion nearly a year ahead of schedule. The $4 billion plan was the largest fundraising effort in the history of higher education.

But we can’t stop, won’t stop: the University hopes to raise a total of $5 billion by December 2013. Ca$h money will be roughly distributed to: enhance financial aid ($100 million to CC, $43 million to SEAS), $100 million to faculty support, $300 million to Manhattanville, the new Baker, and the Medical Center, increased funding for global programs associated with SIPA, Architecture, Planning and Preservation and the Earth Institute. Phew!

Let’s take a look back at some of the bonkers donations of the last few years: $400 million from the late John Kluge, $250 million from the late Dawn Greene, $100 million from Henry Kravis, $50 million from Roy and Diana Vagelos.

So, uh, donate to the Senior Fund!

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  1. ....  

    50 million from vagelos went to barnard not columbia

    let's try to not get those two mixed up please

  2. Anonymous

    Speaking of big money, has Harrison David been bailed yet, Bwog? Didn't his dad say he was going to bail him like, a week ago? If he's still in jail, I feel pretty terrible :/

  3. Be more careful  

    this time, raising money, Columbia. Try to direct the fundraising efforts towards departments and programs that actually raise Columbia's academic profile, and perhaps even generate some sort of financial return. I never quite understood why it made sense to raise millions to endow chairs for Marxist professors who spend their time protesting the very elements that made their jobs possible.

    • Anonymous  

      Because a good education takes more than throwing money at a problem. If you're going to base an education on what yields the most profit instead of academic integrity, well you are exactly what you know you are. Greedy and unsustainable. In case you haven't noticed, Columbia is actually a very wasteful institution. Just look at how much food is thrown away here by Columbia catering and students alike, or look at how much property Columbia owns in the Uptown area, or all the computers and tables and chairs and desks that are put in the garbage every years. Like I said, profitable but not sustainable.

  4. Anonymous  

    DAMN, Fred Astaire is AMAZING!

  5. Anonymous  

    those numbers don't add up anywhere close to 5 billion... wtf is columbia doing with our money?!

  6. Anonymous  

    Definitely just watched tap videos for the last half hour

  7. Anonymous  

    Is it possible to donate to JUST CC? I know other parts of the university need money, but I really only want my money going to expansion and funding the College. I mean, I could care less about the med center, really.

  8. kluge

    is awesome. so is everyone else that makes it possible for students like myself who wouldn't be able to afford the tuition to go here. but you have to feel the love for someone who pledges 400 mil specifically for financial aid.

  9. did kluge  

    die already, I'm waiting for my reimbursement check.

  10. i  

    hope your 20 page paper is coming along well, nowt hat you have disabled facebook.

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