Overseens: Crunchtime Edition

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Everyone and their mother has a final (or three) tomorrow, and we’re all hanging out in Strugglesville tonight. We’ve seen a lot of people do some silly stuff in Butler this week, and discovered these two blogs of Columbians sleeping in funny positions instead of studying. Leave your own overseens in the comments.

  • Guy walking across campus singing “Baby” by Justin Bieber out loud to himself. Not wearing headphones
  • In completely full Ref Room, a very serious looking man in a suit drafting a single Facebook comment for 20 minutes
  • Someone filling out an add/drop form (it’s a little late, pal)
  • Dead quiet in a room, then somebody’s computer blares “Ain’t no party like a Liz Lemon part–“
  • Man walks in, sits on chair, pulls coat over his head, and goes to sleep
  • Girl showing two fancy dresses to her friends in the Reference Room. She holds each up on a hanger and poses
  • A girl pushes her laptop away from her, sits back and her chair and pulls Play-doh from her bag. She listens to her iPod and kneads Play-doh for about five minutes

Also, someone was showering in Dodge while eating water chestnuts

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  1. because  

    a Liz Lemon party is mandatory.

  2. hey

    can i borrow someone's sack of balls? I seem to have misplaced my scrotum. I am offering a reward of one testicle to the samaritan that retrieves my haus of nuts.

  3. Um?  

    Justin with a capital J, Bieber with an ie, not an ei.

    (Too much editing....)

  4. Reality  

    First bullet is either Alex Jones or Nashoba Santhanam.

  5. Anonymous

    When is Cornish's Organic Chemistry Final? Monday at 1pm?? It's not posted!!

  6. I  

    think its in the Shadi Hall.

  7. Anonymous

    When is orgo night?

  8. seriously  

    orgo night was not at all mentioned.

  9. Anonymous

    so nobody knows when the orgo exam is??????????????? plz help! TAs do not respond to emails!!!

  10. my b on the water chestnuts  

    yall shower with water chestnuts too right? you can only eat them in the water so when else am i gonna enjoy them?

  11. also

    someone was taking a picture of chestnuts while the owner of said chestnuts was naked

  12. Anonymous  

    the water chestnuts definitely came from m2m. god, asian snacks are the best.

  13. Anonymous  

    i'm not sure which is creepier: the presence of water nuts outside a gym shower or the presence of a camera phone with willing photographer inside a gym shower.

    that being said, i chuckled.

  14. ...  

    Is there going to be a pillow fight this year???

  15. Anonymouse  

    Overseen while entering Lerner: A student exiting through the turnstiles while talking intently into a banana.

  16. CU  

    Guy sneeking alcohol into butler.

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