Butler Bingo: Fall 2010 Edition, (Reposted for your prandial pleasures)

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Originally, Bingo was a lottery game called “Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia” invented and played in Italy around 1530. Usually, Bingo is a game played by your great aunt. Today, Bingo is a game that will make your procrastination dreams come true.

Here’s how to play: sit in Butler. Look at the game board. Scroll over each square to read its description. Look around you. When you observe something that corresponds with a square on the board, click that square to fill it in. When you get five in a row, stand up, shout “BINGO!” and do a little dance. Then pat yourself on the back and feel accomplished that you actually did something while in Butler.

And just like at Pleasant Oaks Community Center, each time you play is a whole new experience. Every time you refresh this page, the board randomizes and the positions of the squares change. So play a new game every time you’re in Butler, and good luck with finals!


Move your mouse over a bingo square to read its description.


  1. Anonymous  

    YES win Bwog

  2. Anonymous

    This is why you're the shit, Bwog.

  3. Anonymous  

    Thanks Bwog! Just what we needed!

  4. It randomly

    generates, so cool, reload the page, reload the page, that, right there, is epic.

  5. when are the following:  

    1)orgo night
    2)midnight breakfast
    3)primal scream

  6. hey freshman!  

    1) tonight
    2) tonight
    3) later

    also, im disturbed by how many of these i do on my own.

  7. italian-speaking person  

    *gioco dal lotto
    gioco = game

  8. my comp

    might be screwed up or i could just be retarded but where is the board?

  9. italian-speaking person  

    not giuoco is what i was trying to say

  10. dope  

    weed in 303 last night dank as shit

  11. Anonymous

    When is Cornish's Organic Chemistry Final??? Friday? MOnday?? Please I can't find the date!!

  12. Major Payne  

    For the win. This makes me want to go tell the story of the little engine that could...

  13. hay guys  

    i don't see a bingo board. where is it.

  14. Anonymous  


  15. Anonymous  

    fuck yeah bwog tech

  16. joshyloshy  

    I saw all about attempting to access [email protected] this weekend.

    You may also want to add: you see someone in carman masturbating or coming out of a shower naked from the butler windows.

  17. Anonymous  

    how about,

    see barnard girl eat second brownie/muffin.

  18. Anonymous  

    Love Butler Bingo.

  19. Anonymous  


  20. hrmph  

    well i just failed a class.

  21. Anonymous  

    There should be a "You see someone else playing Butler Bingo" square.

  22. I am  

    going to hold my pen up to my mouth, hopefully seductively, in Butler tonight just so everyone around me will win! (and subsequently go back to work feeling productive. =D)

  23. I saw an old man  

    with a toothbrush in the second floor men's bathroom in Butler. He was using said toothbrush to clean his dentures.

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