Harrison David Released

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According to the New York City Department of Correction, Harrison David has just been released from the Manhattan Detention Center after thirteen days in prison. All five of the students arrested in “Operation Ivy League” have now been released but not yet tried. Bwog is waiting on comment from David’s lawyer.

Update, 2:21 p.m.: Samuel Feldman, Harrison David’s public defender, says that he has not heard from David in several days. According to Feldman, this means that David has hired a private defender.

Update, 2:47 p.m.: According to Kati Cornell from Special Narcotics, Harrison David does have a new lawyer, Matthew Myers of Myers, Singer and Galiardo LLP. Myers’ bio says that his “practice principle” is, “Weak people believe in luck. The strong believe in cause & effect.” Cornell confirms that David has been released on bail, and specified that it was David’s father who furnished bail.



  1. jesus bwog  

    you are on fire. when do you do finals?

  2. ...  

    ...into the loving arms of his recently released cell-mate, Bear.

  3. Anonymous  

    Released in order to take finals?:

    • because  

      so many bwog commenters were asking when he'd be released that the department of corrections just got fed up and released him. why else?

      (but seriously, probably because his dad finally paid the bail)

  4. bout time

    thank the f'ing lord

  5. Anonymous

    Should have left him in there.

  6. yay  

    this news made my holidays

  7. Anonymous  

    whoever says "he should have been left in jail" is a piece of shit and deserves to die. How could you honestly wish prison upon one of your students who happened to have been making bad decisions at the time. Just because he's a "drug dealer" makes him a bad person so he should be thrown in the can? fuck you all

  8. Anonymous

    I sadly had to spend 9 hrs in jail for a DUI and it was horrifying. I don't know how I would have felt if my parents had left me there for 14 days.

  9. memememe  


  10. Anonymous  

    TOO CUTE. #4real

  11. alumnus

    Tip for Bwog: A good website to follow the progress of our various celebrity criminal court cases:

    Scroll down to 'Webcrims'

  12. ....  


  13. Anonymous

    anyone know what's going on with incest raper David Epstein?


    Western New England School of Law

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  16. yet another gay  

    he is so cute. i'd most certainly tap that too

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