1. ....  

    if they knew their audience it wouldnt be so overpriced

  2. harmony hunter

    hey guys, community's great! i took the subway to 110th and only had to walk 3 blocks!

  3. =(

    parents arguing on Xmas Fuck My Life =((((

    On another note. Happy holidays everyone!

  4. WOW

    bwog censorship for the win, where did all those comments go?! there must have been atleast 10

    • Claire  (Bwog Staff)

      We will continue to actively remove comments that are in violation of our comment policy. You can familiarize yourself with our protocol by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. Any further questions should be addressed to [email protected]

  5. Anonymous

    It's true 50% of Columbia students are not on FinAid. So really, the bill really isn't bad when mom and dad foot the bill (whether or not they're there).

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