Bwog wouldn't be surprised.

Bwog has seen Butler camping and even orated on its behalf.  But if you’re in CC or SEAS, today you received an email from your senators which may threaten that sacred masochistic rite.

Amidst standard student government “we want to hear what you want” business-as-usual, Bwog found this bit:

Libraries and Technology – Contact: Kenny Durell
We are working with CUIT to set the groundwork for a program employing student programmers for University projects. We are also a part of conversations regarding a switch to Gmail or another outsourced email provider, pending legal and privacy concerns. We hope to find a solution that works for everyone. In the Libraries Committee, we are working to extend hours on the upper floors of Butler and perhaps implement a peer-enforced anti-camping program.

“Peer-enforced” measures against camping?  Could this be politico-jargon for “We can’t do anything about this so we’ll put it on you students” perhaps?  Bwog isn’t sure, but warns you–stay vigilant!

Image via Wikimedia