The Future Is Now!

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The look of the future is here! Following this week’s earlier redesign of CubMail’s login page, Columbia’s home page got its own makeover today. Eye candy and gloss abound, and nifty transitions are hidden everywhere. Some parts of Columbia’s online presence still remain unchanged though, notably the undergraduate admissions and financial services pages.

And because we’re still on the last legs of break, here’s some nostalgic Conan for ya:

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  1. I want to start a Barnard Flamewar

    Go to Academics->Schools
    Select Barnard from the drop down list.
    Note the URL.

  2. Anonymous

    It seems the only people who don't know the two schools are different are the girls who actually go there.

  3. BC'11


  4. is

    anyone else still missing a grade?

  5. WoF

    Why is it forbidden to actually use the lawns all winter, but the school has no objection when it comes to capitalizing on that use for promoting Columbia as a "fun" place. These people were probably kicked of by PS right after the photo was taken.

  6. Wait...  

    I thought the screencap of the "redesign" was the version from 2000, thus "in the year 2000." I then clicked on the Columbia homepage, anticipation rising, to see...what I thought was the homepage in 2000. Color me unimpressed.

  7. jeez  

    insensitive joke by Conan. Viva la Pavarotti!

  8. Anonymous

    If you clicked on the main image on the old web page, it used to take you to a photo gallery of all of the old images categorized by theme. Does anyone know where to find those images?

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