Let The Games Begin!

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Barnard students just received an e-mail announcing the resurrection of Greek Games, one of “its oldest and most beloved traditions.” An contest of “beauty, myth and rhythm” whose events included chariot and torch racing and literary competitions, the Games have not been held since annually since 1968, although they have been sporadically revived a handful of times. It may sound like a ridiculously wonderful renaissance (we highly recommend you check out the references from WikiCU), but let’s not forget that chariot racing and absurd classics events have been standard fare even in recent years.

Strong beautiful women in slow motion:

Full e-mail below!

Dear Barnard!

We hope you’re enjoying your first few days back on campus. We are excited to announce that Barnard has decided to bring back one of its oldest and most beloved traditions: Greek Games!

Greek Games is a Barnard tradition that began in 1903 when the Class of 1905 challenged the Class of 1906 to an informal athletic contest. Signature events included a chariot race, with chariots pulled by teams of 4 students, and a torch race. The games, a central part of Barnard campus life, were held annually until 1968.

We invite you to help us bring back this two day celebration by joining one of our six planning committees: Class Competition, Events, Finance, Food/Giveaway, Outreach and Publicity. The variety of choices ensures that each and every one of you will have the chance to participate in a way that interests you! If you’re looking to get involved on campus, even for the first time, and aren’t sure how, this is a great opportunity.

Below is the link to apply, and applications are due THIS SUNDAY, JANUARY 23rd at 11pm.


If you have any questions feel free to email us at dr2377@barnard.edu or jab2262@barnard.edu. We look forward to working with you this coming semester!

Best regards,

Jessica Blank and Diana Rastegayeva
Greek Games Committee Chairs

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  1. DAMN  

    Columbia will definitely win this one!!!

  2. greek games  

    like in american pie?

  3. Hmm . . .  

    in order to adhere to grecian tradition, this must be performed in the nude.

  4. Anonymous

    Can't wait to see all those tubby girls running around in leggings, oversized shirts and Uggs.

  5. well...  

    Everyone in that video is now dead.

  6. Barnard Women  

    / horses will certainly have to be strong to pull those chariot. Not sure about beautiful and independent though ... they seem sort of objectified still. Feminists: 0 ... Barnard Horse Women making me laugh: 1

  7. Barnard women  

    make strong plow.

  8. Anonymous  

    bbbaaahhhahahaha my favorite part was the hurdles. my track coach would have laughed in my face if I used the fly-like-a-bird technique.

  9. I go to Barnard

    but pretend that I go to Columbia. Am I still allowed to participate?

  10. Finally...

    ...someone got my memo about the socio-cultural galvanizer that is frolicking. Viva the Strong, Beautiful Frolick.250

  11. Anonymous

    Greek Games will never again be this awesome. What happened to the Barnard of old?

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